MM: My Puppy🌠💛💜💛💜😙

He really is! After this chat, he called and went on and on about how he wished he could really be my puppy! It was like he was reading my mind! He's just too sweet!

But wait, there's more! Since it's fall break (which is really just a glorified 4 day weekend, but I suppose it's better than nothing), I'm home, which means I get to see my actual adorkable puppy (in actuality, he's getting on in years, but he'll always be my puppy♡), and it occurred to me that Yoosung actually kinda has a similar personality to him; he even kinda looks like him! Our other dog passed away a few months ago, so he's been coming to terms with that and finding his new normal without her. Plus I'm totally his favorite (besides Mom)! That's it: it's fate!

Ugh, how am I possibly going to be able to play anyone else's route after he's so completely stolen my heart!? I just don't see how the other guys (or Jaehee, for that matter) can compete! Not to mention real boys (my idiot brother felt the need to point out that my parents wouldn't approve of me dating a robot; I'm not delusional!)! I knew this game was a bad idea, but no way I'm stopping!

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