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This makes me so sad! Rap Mon is my bias and I LOVE him!!! He's the whole package to me. It seriously breaks my heart when he feels down about himself and has to deal with haters. It even hurt when I read his lyrics to Reflection. I couldn't help but tear up and hold myself back from crying. I know how it feels to not feel good about yourself and not understand what other people see in you, but it hits hard when it's your bias or even your favorite group that feels that way. No one is perfect, but he's perfect in my eyes. People need to back off and leave him alone. And I would be like that fan and be excited about getting his photo card! And if he apologized to me about it, I would tell him to stop, and that I was lucky to get my bias's card and get to meet him in person. (I would absolutely DIE if I met BTS, but definitely if I met Rap Mon. I wouldn't exist anymore. The ambulance would have to be prepared to take me to the hospital.) Also, I believe that if that's the kind of person you are, who is going to hate on a member/members of a group, you shouldn't even bother liking groups at all. They want loving fans who will support the WHOLE group, not just certain members. It's pathetic how they pick on certain kpop idols, when they shouldn't even be saying anything, because they're the ones acting childish, being a bully, are ugly on the inside, most likely can't be as good a Rap Mon (dancing, singing, rapping etc.), and so on. I wouldn't doubt that if BTS met those haters that are being rude to Rap Mon, they wouldn't even care much about them because they're the ones insulting their leader, who is also a member and a friend to them. You insult one member, you insult all of them. And you're not a true ARMY if you're hating on someone in the group. A true ARMY fan would love them all. <3

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