Glowlight Night!!! Zelo One shot!

Happy birthday to Zelo!!! It's his birthday!!!!! Hoping this big baby had a wonderful day!!! So I've been working on Zelo's Birthday one shot and finished just in time!!! It's just a fun little event for Zelo I did for him. Hope you all like!

"I want one!" Zelo exclaimed ad he watched a v live with a couple guys playing on hover boards. It looked like fun, he could do fancy moves and stand on his hands, or one foot. "What do you want?" Daehyun questioned ad he moved closer to see what he was watching on his tablet "A hoverboard" Zelo told him. "Those things are cool" Daehyun nodded his head. "What color would you get?" He asked. Zelo stared at the colors that the guys were playing on. He liked the black one that flashed colors, and there was a silver one with blue lights. "I think the black one, it's sleek" Daehyun commented "The Silver with blue lights " Zelo grinned at his friend. "What are you two looking at?" Young Jae asked as he came and sat on Daehyun. "Hoverboards" Daehyun answered him as he moved so that he was more comfortable with someone sitting on him. He wrapped his arm around his waist and had his head on his shoulder so he could see the screen. "Look up how much they are and where you can buy one" Daehyun instructed Zelo.  Zelo exited out of v live and looked it up. There was several pictures and videos. Finding pricing with pictures he pulled up the screen. "It looks like it's between $175 and $200 for cheap but the ones that don't explode are $500" Zelo said speaking dollars since that's what Google gave him. "Not bad" young Jae nodded. "Its your birthday in a few days you know" Daehyun threw out there. Him and Young Jae shared a look. Young Jae grabbed the tablet from Zelo and ran away. "My tablet!" Zelo got up and chased after him. They ran out of the room as Yongup came into the room staring at the two guys running around. Daehyun was laughing on the couch. "What was that about?" Yongup questioned "Young Jae grabbed Zelo's tablet" he said. "Hey let me talk to you for a minute. It's Zelo's birthday in a few days " he added. "Yea?" Yongup questioned "I got something planned now for him" he said. Daehyun the proceeded to tell him of plans for the day. . . . . The day of Zelo's birthday! Daehyun and Young Jae were setting up a room in the studio to suprise Zelo.  By midnight they would bring him here and show him his suprise. "Did you get the glow Sticks and water bottles? " Daehyun asked. "Yup. I just have to Crack these to turn them on and put them in" Young Jae said as he was in the process of saying what he was doing. "Good. I'm opening these up then" Daehyun said. He had gotten two Hoverboards so that they had two different colors. "You didn't get the cheap ones that explode did you? " Young Jae asked. "No! But it would be funny if I did. Getting the on camera would be halarious" he laughed as the door opened and Yongup walked in with a trolly,  several boxes were on it. "I brought the hoverboards" Yongup said. "But we already got two of them " Daehyun said confused. "I thought I was getting two of them" Yongup said confused too. "Well then we have four of them to play with" Young Jae laughed.  "Hey Yongup can you reach the top of the mirrors to hang up the birthday sign?" Young Jae said. "Sure" he said as he put the trolly by Daehyun who started opening the boxes. He was in charge of getting them set up.  The three guys were doing their tasks when another person walked into the room. Youngguk came into the room with a box in his hands and looking around the room. "I brought my present to leave here" Youngguk said as he spotted the other hoverboards sitting out "Wait did we all get him the same thing?" He questioned. "You bought a hoverboard too?" Daehyun questioned astonished. "Well yea, Zelo had been going on about how he wanted one so I got it for him" Youngguk said. "Damn,  well we have five now, heh, one of us isn't getting to play on a hoverboard then" Yongup laughed. "Im keeping this afterwards then" Youngguk said with a chuckle. "Just watch Himchan probably got one too" Young Jae laughed. "Where is he anyway?" He asked. " he went to get Zelo and bring him." Youngguk said. About ten minutes later it was 1 minute to midnight and Himchan was bringing Zelo into the room. "Happy Birthday" Everyone yelled out suprising him. Zelo stood there staring at the room and the bowling setup. "We're going to have a little fun!" Daehyun commented. "Wait wait, we all bought the same thing? " Himchan stopped Daehyun from talking. "Uh" he looked confused "We all get our own hoverboard to play with" Daehyun laughed hesitantly  "I got him something different " Young Jae  said holding up a rectangular wrapped present. "Presents!" Zelo was happy. He went to young Jae and tore open the package. Inside the paper was a book. It made him chuckle. "I got a book! When I have time I'm going to read this!  I want free time, this looks like a really good book" Zelo said showing his appeiciation to him and wrapping his arm over Young Jae ' s shoulders. "Your welcome. I know it's not a hoverboard but it won't explode either " Young Jae commented. "They won't explode " Daehyun said. "Hoverboards!!!!" Zelo was excited when he spotted them. His attention moved onto them. "You guys all got me hoverboards!" He said. "But I can't use them all. Does that mean we all get one?" Zelo asked looking around. "Yup! And we are going to do glow in the dark bowling!" Yongup told him. His eyes lit up looking st the set up of tall water bottles with glow Sticks in them. "Its three on three and we have to bowl while on a hoverboard" Daehyun told him. After being paired up everyone got a hoverboard. When someone else was throwing the others were spinning around and doing tricks on the boards. They spent all of 15 minutes playing with the bowling setup before they all started gave up on the game and had fun on the hoverboards doing tricks. A while later everyone sang happy birthday and gave him a cupcake with number candles on it!!!

So how'd it go??? hehe, I just really wanted them all to spend time together and have fun! I went through 3 different idea, winning a vacation, sneaking out, and for some reason ice cream shop. lol but then I randomly watched nct play on hoverboards and was like zelo would want one . . . zelo get one!! lol plus ran across awesome idea of glow in the dark bowling were you put glow sticks in tall water bottles and get a hampster ball and put glow sticks in it to use as the ball . . . I'm sorry I'm saying all this I just love the idea of glow in the dark things. lol okay I'll stop rambling now.

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