Boys Republic Game Night Friday

Hello my fellow Royal Family! Its Melissa, your BR Moderator. We are going to be doing a new game for the new quarter. We will be doing Photo Scavenger Hunt.

We will doing these hunts for 4 weeks. On October 28th, we will be doing a Halloween theme Scavenger Hunt.

Here is this week's photo scavenger hunting list.

-The start Date is today and its til next Thursday. I'll be announcing this week's winner on Game Night Friday. -For the hunt, you can only use one member for each photo you find. For example- If you find a photo of SungJun eating, you can't use him again. I hope that explains that rule. You have to use different members. -The winner is determined by who finds all the required photos from this week's list. -Please be sure to tag the Royal Squad in your cards.@MelissaGarza - moderator @QueenLee@AaliyahNewbell@mbg3t@jjrockstar@JordanShuler -Everyone is welcome to join in the hunt.I wish everyone good luck. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone finds on our first week scavenger hunt.


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