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I have a wonderful boyfriend, his name is Jackson, Jackson Wang. He is a member of Got7, and he is super sweet and cute. We have been going out for 2 years now, and he hasn't made me lonely at all for the time we've been together. But I am keeping a secret that no one can know. Only his best friend Mark and I know. Jackson doesn't give me everything, so sometimes I act on my own to get it. I might sound a little selfish, but at least I work for it. Mark and I have a weird relationship, we have keeping our secret for 5 months maybe. I still really love Jackson, but I need Mark next to me as well. But when we are all together Mark and I act like nothing more than friends. In fact we barely look or speak to each other. I'm glad that Jackson hasn't figured out about us yet, but I think we will keep on going until he figures out. But Mark and Jackson are really good friends, so I don't think that Jackson would believe him. Unless he witnesses it with his own eyes. But one night ruined it all. <<<Flashback<<< I was getting bored while Jackson was filming for his show Running Man. He was supposed to be gone for three days and I missed him, but I also missed Mark's touch. "Fuck it." I said and ran into Mark's room. I opened his door ajar and saw him laying on his bed playing on his phone. I popped out and scared him, and he cursed silently to himself. I giggled as I shut the door and locked the door and hopped on bed. Making sure to brush his thigh with my fingers while sitting up. In a second his eyes went dark as he looked at me. His lips smashed onto mine as he started to touch my parts. We both removed our clothing and I sat on his clothed lap. He then removed his clothes in an instant. I moaned at the pleasure arising. As I was riding Mark the door opened and an excited Jackson came running in. My eyes widened at the sight of him, I quickly grabbed the blankets and rushed off of Mark. While accidentally kicking him in the process. Jackson gasped and covered his mouth, eyes darting between me and Mark. I felt tears well up in my eyes as Jackson whispered my name. "Jackson." I whispered while staring at the ground feeling ashamed. I saw Jackson slump on the ground crying, I was about to pat his back, but I pulled away remembering I am the problem. I just looked at Mark who was covering himself, I looked back at Jackson wanting to lean down and hug him so bad. Jackson kept repeating my name as we kept crying. After a while I couldn't see anything with my tears distorting my vision. "Jackson, I still love you, so so much, please forgive me." I said and he looked up at me with tear stained cheeks.

So I read the original card wrong and I thought you had to keep the secret from a character not the reader. But I hope this'll do. I am really lazy and didn't want to rewrite a whole other story. Tags: Moderator@Bangtanss Mod supporters@queenlele@emealia@princessunicorn@twistedpuppy@ashleiryals@fallchild VSFF tags@VeroniaArtino@AbbyRoscoe@Matokokepa@ManduBum@JarviaKlipka@AnneH@DailyDosesOfEXO@BabydoolBre@VKookie47@SelfishMachines@ESwee@KwonOfAKind Tag list:@ParkHwaYoung@VeronicaArtino@SindyHernandez@Orihemay@Shelby101@chisom756@tiffany1922@MaritessSison@LizbethOrtega@VKookie47@drummergirl691@Gaehwa@EmmaJolie@elidevargas6@SaraHanna@RKA916@KeraDelatorre@EmilyCayetano@jeonjungkook8@janellym123@SugaKookieV@Michelle305@MissT615@sunggaray@taetaebaozi@VIPFreak2NE1@loljan17@loverofkpop@BangtansQueen@BTSxEXO@FaithMorrison@SunnyV

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