Sexy Saturday!!

Thank you@AimeBolanos for tagging me in the contest! I'm happy to take part of this! This will be fun :) How i will be doing this is by show section and keeping them there? like one will be for the boys and other for the girls (so that way if i have more than one it won't be a long card.)

Fairy Tail! Females!

Mirajane Strauss -Levy Mcgarden -Erza Scarlet -Juvia Lockser -Brandish -Aquarius -

Gajeel Redfox( like any type of villian because they have a back story to them)Gray Fullbuster

Attack on Titan


Mikasa Ackerman -Male:Eren Jaeger -Levi Ackerman -FABULOUS!

Kyo Sohma

Say "I Love You!"


Asami OikawaMei Tachibana.


Yamato Kurosawa


Lastly Ore Monogatari

Makoto Sunakawa

Thank you so much for reading my card and tagging me!!!

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