Inamorata ~ D. James Breaux

The wonderful counselor

suggested a

disproportionate number of factors juxtaposing

our stance on


He said

the truth will set you


and if that is the case

then what is a lie,

that I never loved you?

So let us

in a field of daisies paint love letters

to each other.

Your palette is beautiful

and that's why they come up

with special names


what soul's need....

my palette is lacking true heart and soul

and that's why they come up with



to keep

us close.

Who is they.

Oh I don't know....

maybe angels of love

charged with

working out special theatrical endings

or writing

the unwritten

as if to unimagine a trail of tears.

And maybe that's why they come up with

special names for

how you can reach into the world's heart

with your smile and share

the beautiful colors

of your pallette.

The world needs



the world


not alone,

the world is not alone.

Here is a less than stellar and far less than spellbinding assemblage of random, distracted, tormented, abstract splashings from some invisible old inkwell hidden in some dusty basement I think somewhere in a parallel universe because unsourced works from the outer origins of a mad mind sometimes fetch a life of their own and get lost whenever time gets broken on the coast of infinity....#OutlawInCharge ❤️
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