Mega Anime Giveaway: Sad Sunday :(

For Code Geass, Your Lie in April, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, and Charlotte. Other anime will be mentioned but there won't be any spoilers.

Of course I get to do sad Sunday two weeks after finishing Your Lie In April. I know it's cliche, but it's the only anime that has made me cry myself to sleep.

Once again, link is here:

I played trombone for about five years, so I'm familiar with music, but never to the point that I could experience what Arima and Kaori felt. And that set the perfect tone for it, because I felt like everything they did was like me, but just barely out of my reach. Music, love, happiness... close, but just outside of my grasp. I ended up quitting after hearing (from a well meaning music teacher) that I sounded like I had been playing for four months, after I'd been playing for 5 years. I was asking how long he thought I'd been playing (like that day... I needed to record my time) and he guessed five months. There went my confidence. I finally quit after I was harassed when I told them to "shut the hell up before I beat the shit out of you" as they were making sex jokes about my mom. So I haven't played since.

The worst part was her death though. Worst thing is, I was spoiled for her death beforehand by a Youtube comment when I was listening to the OP. So I figured (after getting back to watching the show after a week long hiatus due to said spoiler) I'll be fine. If I know she's gonna die then I can handle it.

Truth is, I do not cry at death. From a very young age I fully understood the concept of death, in a way very few people do, so death affected me a lot. Eventually, I hurt so much from so many things unrelated to me, that I stopped being affected by it. People in my family die (not close, like great uncles) and I just shrug my shoulders. I feel bad for not feeling bad, but that's about it.

But Kaori... I don't know what it is about her. I never really liked her the way the rest of the community did, (even though I love blondes, I never really got used to the art style) but the way that she died before being able to confess her feelings was awful. They both loved each other and could have had it together. It felt like such a waste. As a guy who basically got long-armed by his crush, it feels so bad to see something that could have worked fail. I don't feel like I could say: She gave up on her dream just for a chance to be near him... enough times, while crying. It's like Romeo and Juliet, where all this sadness could have been avoided (even though she was going to die anyway)


The death/funeral of Maes Hughes. My very first anime, so it hit me hard. Especially since he was my favorite character (Ling eventually took that position, but I originally saw his death in the 2003 FMA, which didn't have Ling). He was so goofy and loving, but also smart and philosophical. He knew what needed to be done and didn't let his emotions get in the way of justice. He was just like the me I want to grow up to be. A doting father, loving husband, and a protector or the innocent. His death had a huge impact on the show and all of the characters. Days later, with all the anime I've seen, and with my desensitization to death, few characters have had the impact in death that Hughes had.


Euphemia Li Britannia. As I mentioned yesterday, Euphie was kinda my first real anime crush, she was funny and kind and just so real. So then... her death hurt me the most.

I honestly never finished Code Geass just because I couldn't get over it. Most of the ending has been spoiled for me since, so I want to finish the series, but I know that based on how much I remember, I'd need to rewatch the whole thing and I can't take Euphie's death again. Not yet at least.

It could have been so avoided. It was an accident. Killed by her own brother. Dying resisting the urge to kill her lover. Lied to her face as she died. Slaughtering those she sought to protect. It's almost poetic. She died young, in love, a victim of a war that she tried to fix, a victim of a corrupt world. A war with no winner. It's so unfair. The best characters always die too early.

"Suzaku... you're Japanese aren't you?"

"I don't want to kill them!"

"All you Japanese... die!"

Remember as the Massacre Princess... used as propaganda... I could never truly get behind Lelouch after that. It's just awful.


Ah Charlotte. I'm so sorry I underestimated you. Basically a friend of mine told me I absolutely had to watch it, so I did. First episode was great. The next few were meh, so I stopped watching. I come back nearly three months later and see Ayumi die. I binge the rest of the series and cry.

I love how the best parts are literally just Yuu going mad with power in three different ways, in the begging, middle, and end... and it works somehow!

His frequent descents into madness and beautiful and very emotional, especially his last one. His love for Nao pulling him through the madness, even when he has forgotten her. It's such a bittersweet ending, but it's a happy one at least (the others certainly haven't seemed to be). But the struggles they went through. It's like Madoka Magica. Time resets over and over, but true peace is never won. That is the struggle. Fighting the inevitable. I cried, not like bawling or anything, but I was very emotional.


I don't have any particular moments, but there are various moments in Gintama that were tear jerkers for me, even though it's a 4th wall breaking parody anime. For example, Okita's sister's death, Tama's sacrifice, Gintoki and Katsura's reunion with Takasuji in the Benizakura arc, Gin losing his memory, etc... there were a lot of surprisingly heartfelt moments. I still remember what Gin said when he met Otose "Dead men don't talk", when Kagura almost died against the alien her dad was trying to hunt...

Gintama is great.


When they end, shows leave an impact on me. These two in particular made me mope around for a week (each!). Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Yu Yu Hakusho, my first and third favorite anime respectively.

KHR gave me such memorable and random moments of hilarity and badassery. I got to watch the cast grow... it's wonderful. It also has my favorite character of all time, Hibari Kyoya. Finishing the anime left a hole in my heart that still aches to this day.

YYH was also an emotional rollercoaster, with my second favorite character, Hiei. The scene in the anime where he gets the Sacred Energy after that pep talk from Genkai is one of my all time favorite scenes.

"Yusuke listen to me. This isn't about you. Do you understand? You can't just be a cocky kid anymore... You're fighting for them Yusuke. For their future." The music is perfect, Justin Cook does an excellent job as does Linda Young, the montage of all the lives Yusuke has changed and how he's changed... it's amazing. With no more YYH to watch I was incredibly depressed.

Well, that's all for sad Sunday.

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