Week-In Review [Oct 9th - Oct 15th]

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■K - Beauty■

-Do You Want Soft, Healthy, and Pretty Skin?The 7 Korean Steps You Must Know For Younger and Radiant Skin10 Health Benefits Green Tea, for a Flawless Complexion (W/Recipes)-Different Cosmetic ProceduresUnusual Cosmetic Procedures Koreans Do-These Kpop Idols Underwent The KnifeKorean Stars Who Admit to Going Under The Knife

■K-Pop News■

BTS Reaches An All Kill and 3Mil+ Views!!!!Super Junior's Ryeowo Enlists To the Military

■KpopINT Specials!■

-Artist SpotlighSpotlight Artist #1!Spotlight Artist #2!-The K-Beauty Hunger GamesGiveawayGiveaway Announcement Update-Want To Get To Know Us More?!Join Our Family Chat!

■KpopINT's Fanfic Updates■

From London to Korea Pt 10

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