Sad Anime Sunday


Sorry to disappoint yet again however I don't watch sad Anime never have not because I avoid it but because one has appeared in my que or sparked my intrigue to watch. Also I do not register sad emotions like a normal person. After a traumatic experience as a child I'm unable to feel sympathy or empathy or get sad. I truly cannot cry as my body not only refuses to it actually physically pains me to. However that doesn't stop me from getting the feels (which might be contradictory) I have been moved by certain characters in certain situations and here they are *SPOILER ALERT*

yeah fair warning hear :)

Bleach The Hell Verse

The moment Ichigo was betrayed and that moment of Yuzu seemingly dying, really broke me down. I was in high school when I watched this movie like in the physical building is what I mean and looking at Ichigo snap and instantly revert to Full Hollow form it felt so energetic. However it's the events that led up to it that really pulled on my heart strings.

DBZ History of Trunks: Gohan Dies

This got to me on more of a respected death kinda feel. I felt just like Trunks when I saw Gohan die. Gohan gave it his all fighting and seemingly pulling ahead, until his fateful demise which brought great pain to me making me want to clench my fist until it bled as well.


One Piece Tony Tony Chopper's Backstory

Chopper's backstory nearly brought a tear to my eyes as I had to watch this kind soul of a being be forced away by his own kind, and even humans only to find a Doctor who looked passed just his looks and into his being. Then when that Doctor gets sick Chopper tries to heal him by finding an exotic plant that could heal him, and instead he poisons him. It's a sad thing that happened to Chopper as he lost the one friend he had. But another doctor extended her hand in friendship to him both being friends based off the relationship with the recent deceased. I love Chopper and this episode is literally my favorite no matter what happens. Though every crew member seems to have some sort of sad past, I say Chopper's takes the cake.

Katanagatari: Togame's Death

In Katanagatari the last episode has Togame die and she reveals that her plan was to kill Yasuri Shichika the protagonist. Because his fighting was the blade that killed her father and she could not forgive that. I believed this to be an impactful episode as Shichika was "bound" by a set of rules and one was to protect Togame thus he failed one of the rules. I also love the moment after her death as Shichika evolved into a true sharp sword. He destroyed 13 swords in one episode in the course of a few minutes 12 of which he had a hard time with, though he admitted it was because he couldn't break the swords still it was awesome.


Sorry I'm such a boring person but what are your anime's? I can guess obvious ones like Re: Zero, Clannad, Your lie in April, and Angel Beats. Hope Everyone has fun with this one :3 Tagging@ZeeNyte

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