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Ch.16 Title: Special Day Jimin pov. I video called j-hope hyung if he knew where I can find sunlee and to see how he was doing after all he is in the state for his tour. Officially he's coming back to Korea tomorrow. JH: Ahh Jimin-ah "Neh Hyung?" JH: I know where sunlee is but she won't let me tell you. "Oh but hyung promise me that you'll meet with her and tell her everything that happened" JH: I will "Thanks hyung" JH: No problem jimin ~Ends Call~ Jk:Hyung gwenchana? "Uh" Jk: Okay I was happy but then I saw kiyong enter the building. I told my members that if kiyong is ever looking for me tell her that they dont know where I am. I quickly hid in a small space where I usually would stay when I get bored. KY: jungkook oppa do you know where Jimin is? Jk: ah no why? KY: oh because I want to tell him that I'm 9 months pregnant. Jk: oh ok I'll let him know and I'll tell him that you came by. KY: okay thanks jungkook. *Exits the building* *Jungkook peaks out the window and sees kiyong exit the building and enters her car and drives away* Jk: okay hyung your clear. "Gomawo jungkook-ah" Kiyong pov. How can jimin not be there? I hope he doesn't find out it's not his child? *Sees daeyong leaves the cafe with hyoin* Was that daeyong? Daeyong pov. I took sunlee to the cafe near our apartment. She looked extremely beautiful. I have to say she look more beautiful then sunlee when I first saw sunlee in her wedding dress. Hi: Oppa? "Uh" Hi: gwenchana? "Neh... gwenchana?" Hi: yea "Hyoin I have something to ask you?" Hi: what is it? "Hyoin do you want to go out with me?" Hi: really! Of course I would! "I mean its okay if- what really!" Hi: yeah of course I would want to go out with you but what about sunlee? "She would support us because I had a feeling that sunlee and jimin tried to set us up and my feeling are always right." Hi: sure your feeling are right "Yah my feeling are always right why do you think I asked you out?" Hi: alright can we go home it's getting late? "Sure let's go home." We walked out of the cafe and got into the car and  headed home. Sunlee pov. JH: are you sure you wanna go back? "Yeah" JH: okay do you have everything? "Yeah" Jae: uncle hob cwan I seat with you on the pwane? JH: You are gonna sit in between your mommy and me. Jae: okay Justine: can't believe your going back to south korea please text me often. "I will" JH: sunlee-ah we need to go now the plane taking off soon. "Okay I'm coming" "Please take good care of yourself and please take good care of your family" Justine: I will and you too I'll see you whenever I come to korea or your coming back to the states. "Okay" Me,j-hope,and jae got on the plane to south korea. Hoseok and jae were asleep while I was nervous. Now that I think of it what happened to my fan based? Jimin pov. Namjoon hyung had just left to go pick up Hoseok from the airport. Me and Jungkook are just messing around like usual. I started to think to myself //How is kiyong even pregnant if I didn't even sleep with her?// Namjoon pov. So I was on my way to pick up Hoseok from the airport along with sehun. He had nothing to do so he came along with me. I was finally at the airport and I saw Hoseok with a women with a child walking towards me. Sunlee pov. Shit shit shit was all I was thinking. We got out of the plane and we saw sehun and namjoon oppa. SH & NJ: S-sunl-lee? JH: yes it's sunlee can we please go to the car so I can explain this to you guys? Couple of minutes later we got in the car and j-hope explained everything besides jae. Sh: lee-ah? "Uh" Sh: who's the kid? "It's your nephew" Sh: JINJA! "Uh" Sh: what's his name? "Jaeyoung Park Jaeyoung" Jae: Annyeon-ghaseyo pak jae young a minda "Jaeyoung-ah this is your uncle Hun" Jae: Hun? Sh: neh oh Sehun Jae: ahhh Sh: he reminds me of myself when I was little *chuckles*. "Aigoo" Sh: what he does "If you say so my dear brother" Sh: anyways jae-ah how old are you? Jae: I'm 1 close to 2 years old*holding up his fingers. Sh: wah jinja..... Yah Oh SunHee how could you hind my nephew away from me for 1 to 2 year? "Yah I told you were I was but you never looked at it" Sh: really? "Yeah" . . . . So we finally reached my old home? "Oppa does jimin still live here?" NJ: yeah but he only comes and stays there when he misses you a lot. "Really?" NJ: yeah... Sunlee let me bring you and jae luggage to your room. "Oppa you don't have too I can do it" NJ: no ill do it. "Okay if you say so" Namjoon went up stairs and me and jae followed behind him. He opened the door and I saw that everything was the same. The living room, bedroom,kitchen ,and even the bathroom was the same. NJ: well sunlee do you want to come to the company with us or just stay here? "I'll just stay here with jae maybe next time." NJ: okay "Wait namjoon dont tell jimin I'm here" NJ: no problem I won't tell him "Okay good" I saw namjoon exit the door and left with Hoseok and sehun I was in the kitchen cooking some food. There so much food stuff in the fridge. Did he really eat this much? Jae: mommy where are we? "We in my house jae." Jae: really? "Yep" . . Hours later me and jae were in the room watching TV. Jimin pov. What a Loooooooong day. I started to drive to were me and sunlee use to live. I enter the house and took off my shoe. I smelled something really good. I looked on the counter and saw food that I liked. I was suspicious but i took a bite out of it anyways. I thought to myself. //Why does it taste like sunlee cooking?// I heard somebody in the room watching TV. I slowly walked towards the room and saw sunlee sitting there with a little boy in her lap. That little boy looked like me but it kind of looked like sunlee as well. "Sunlee?" SL: Jimin? I ran towards her and gave her a hug and started crying. Sunlee hugged me back and cried as well. 20 minutes went by and  we stopped crying she told me about how she lived when she ran away. SL: jimin "Yeah" SL: the boy that you see right now in front of you sleeping is your son. "Jinja?" SL: yeah when I ran away I was pregnant with him. "What's his name?" SL: Jaeyoung....Park Jaeyoung " You actually named him the name I picked out if we had a boy" SL: yeah Sunlee turned off the TV and the light in the bed room. Me and sunlee were in the living with the TV on sitting on the couch "Aigoo..... Jinja I missed you so much you dont know what ive been threw. I was so dumb to fall for her I can't believe-" Sunlee had just kissed me I kissed her back sunlee pulled away from the kissed. SL: you don't know how much I missed your hugs and kisses and your words. I missed everything about you. "I missed you to...This time no one is coming in between us no matter what happens plus Sunlee-ah' SL: ooooh boy "Can we have anthor kid?" SL: how can we have anthor kid if you barely know the kid in our room? "Fine if I start to know him better can we have anthor kid?" SL: I'll think about it. "Okay" Tags@mrsax2018@YasminChavez@TabitaRose@Leluglgc@JaxomB@MoraLesley@Zephoric@BriannaHong@KassieXiong@LittleJiminie@dchapple45@emcoleman92@ShinoYuki@ParkHwaYoung@RavenQueen0810@makidabebe@NicoleFireRose@elizabeth1234@JessicaFigueroa@aprillove196@jyesung72@RKA916@KaeliShearer@ChuneySutton13@MayraYanez@drummergirl1691@MissMinYoongi@Kpopfangirl15@Irngalray15@HayleyYates@Mavis2478@MichelleRosa@AlexisRiver

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