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I absolutely love the Pokemon Go fandom. Even more so than the actual game. It's so amazing to see so many different artists' depictions of the game's characters, but I gotta say, Spark is my overall favorite. I was Team Instinct from day one & I will never regret that decision!❤️ ^Art by StelarBarbecue^

Art by NaturalWind0

Art by Torakun

Spark catching Zapdos!

Art by aj-ethan

Art by Luriel

Art by baka-kiiro

Art by Tatouji

Art by rubendevela

Art by Nostacholy

Art by cameleaf

Art by Kinariarya

Art by Patreon

Art by Aku-Usagi

And last, but not least, is Surfacage!

I love her rendition of Spark and the story, "And the World Will Turn to Ash", she's creating is so intricate and captivating. The scenes are jumbled, because she draws them according to her thoughts on it at the time, but I love this developing story line and the way she portrays the characters!

"One of Sparks flaws is that the more he gets emotional, the more Zapdos takes over, since theyve been bonded for so long. When he gets really furious he turns feral, hence Instinct. He will get mad in the Ash comic, dont worry. Or yeah, worry?"Surfacage


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