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A stranger could offer her all the gold and jewels in the world and she would still deny the offer- nothing else could beat the warmth of his broad bare chest underneath her cheek.

She swore mentally when she believed a sweat drop was about to run down her forehead onto his chest, but it wouldn't have mattered with the way his soft snores continued to show her that she was getting away with intensive blushing and wondrous thoughts. Thoughts that came from him still being shirtless and in her apartment, holding her closely to him as they both waited for the runaway maknae and the bunny that chased her, to return.


Her skin responded with goosebumps from the way he said her name in mid-dreamland, making her cheeks burn hotter with the thought of him dreaming about her running through her head.

She swallowed hard then slowly moved her head back to catch a glimpse of the cup of water that was only an arm's reach away. Little by little, she stretched her arm towards it, careful not to make any sudden movements that would stir the sleeping sculpture.

Her noise immediately began to tickle as she touched the glass with her finger tips and desperately tried to hold it back, only to lose the battle and sneeze loudly. She mouthed another profanity and contemplated looking back for a long second until her curiosity caved in.

Turning, she met the tender gaze of the once sleeping prince, who only smirked back at her. "I don't know if I'm allowed to bless angels like you," he commented. making Sam's heart rate skyrocket well beyond the Earth's ozone layer.

"I'm sorry for waking you, Junhoe," Sam replied, adverting her eyes away from his perfectly structured features.

"It's okay, I didn't think I'd pass out but you got so quiet and kept me warm so the sandman paid me a brief visit," Junhoe chuckled then adjusted himself to cradle Sam after she finished taking a sip of water to cool herself down.

"Are you hot?" Junhoe asked. "Let me go turn on the air conditioner."

"No, it's okay, just open the window and I should be fine," Sam responded, fanning herself with her arm as she watched Junhoe's back muscles flex when he slide the window up. She bit her lip and looked away at her buzzing phone on the kitchen counter.

"How's your ankle?"

Sam looked back at Junhoe who was already cutting across her living room towards the kitchen. "Better, but I can still feel it pulsing if I move a lot."

"If it doesn't look or feel better by tonight, I'll take you to the hospital to make sure it isn't broken or anything," he answered, then finally noticed Sam's buzzing phone. "Oh, Sailynn is calling, want me to answer?"

"Sure-" In that split second, she had forgot everything that was on her phone. All the pictures of Junhoe that she had saved when her friends would spam her, all the one she herself saved when she attend iKON concerts, and especially the current wallpaper of her phone, an innocent picture of Junhoe with the caption, 'My Junbug hubby love<3' on the heading.

"I guess she hung up-" Junhoe stopped mid sentence, staring at Sam's phone with wide eyes until he turned to her and smirked mischievously, "Junbug hubby love?"

Her heart stopped and every thought she had in her mind disappeared as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and fell back on the couch. Blacking out from the love of her life finding out about her fangirl ways over him.


"Damnit June, what did you do this time!?" The high pitched voice of a familiar face entered Sam's dreams and yet, it was only the voice, no face attached.


"Oops? OOPS!? Didn't I tell you to wait for the signal!? Seriously! I can't have a dead body on my hands right now!"

"She's not dead. I think she just fainted..... where's JiWon hyung?"

"Focus June, what are we going to do? Hell, what DID you do!?"

"I didn't do anything, Sailas. I just went to answer her phone when you were calling and then saw her wallpaper and-"

"The one of you smiling with that pet name she gave you?"

"That's what she calls me?" The sound of deep voiced chuckling gave Sam goosebumps in her dreamworld.

"Low-key. But seriously, if you saw that, the chances of her coming back with 100% mental stability is incredibly low."

The two voices chuckled together.

"Do you enjoy watching her faint for you?" The higher pitched one giggled.

"It wasn't intentional, but watching her squirm is always entertaining."

"Is this why you always asked me to bring her along whenever I met up with you and the others?"

"Pretty much, yes."

"That's evil, Junhoe. Plain evil." More giggling rang in Sam's ear.

"We're 97ers Sailas. We're born to be different like this."

The laughing continued until the sound of a creaking door made its way into Sam's head.

"I knew that was you I saw running!" A new deep yet cheery voice joined the other two.


"There you are hyung, where were you?"

"I got lost following Sailas, then I saw her heading back so I ran to try and catch up to her. Remind me to tell Hanbin that we should all go running as a warm up one of these days. Sailas made me remember how important running is for the stamina."

The higher pitched voice cleared its throat, "ahem. We really need to figure out what we're going to do with this-"

"Omo! What happened! June, did you do anything!? Have you called an ambulance? Is she okay? Omo-"

"She's okay, hyung. She just passed out from the medicine."

The high pitched voice snickered. "Overdosed on medicine alright. Sounds to me like she got overheated though....... what? You know I'm right."

"Hyung, Why don't you and Sailas go back to the store and buy some ice? Stop by the pharmacy and see what the pharmacist recommends too?"

"You suck, Junhoe," the higher voice hissed menacingly. "No need to ask for two people, I can go by myself! Thank you for the offer okay baaiiee!"

"Awww Sailas! Let's go together!" The other deep cheery voice said until it faded away behind the slam of the door, leaving the other deep voice chuckling quietly in Sam's ear.

"S-Sail..... Sail..... I had the wei- the weirdest dream Sail." Sam called out, finally realizing that the voice in her head had been Sailynn's cheer one. "Junbug kissed me and got half naked. I thought I was going to die, Sail." Sam rubbed her eyes to gradually let the light in then yawned and stretched her arms. "Sail, open the window, it's hot in here."

Squinting her eyes together for a second to open them slowly, Sam saw the familiarity of her television in front of her, playing an episode of Running Man. She turns her head and spots him right away, looking down at her with a row of pearly white teeth blinding her immediately.

"Good morning, beautiful," the perfect sculpture smiled from ear to ear.

"W-where's S-sail?" Sam stuttered, realizing all that had happened had been reality when her ankle began to throb again at the site of Junhoe.

"She was here 10 minutes ago but so was hyung, so she bolted again. I'll let her know that she's the first person you think about when you wake up though."

Sam's cheeks flushed bright red and feeling Junhoe's hands in her hair didn't help much either, nor did Junhoe suddenly leaning down to plant a kiss on her nose.

He chuckled when she turned away after the kiss and covered her face with her hands. "So cute. Maybe I should take everything back if you're going to keep reacting like you're about to die because of me."

Sam's eyes widen as she immediately turned back to look at him. "I'm okay. I promise." Her voice light and airy.

He beamed, making his face down to hers again, "are you sure about that? I seem to-" he kissed her lips gently. "To cause you trouble."

Sam's heart pounded out of rhythm against her chest. "I-I'm o-okay."

"Really? Because I'm not okay." Junhoe replied after another kiss. This time, longer and deeper than the previous. "You make me want to keep kissing you. As if you're sucking away my energy in order for you to keep breathing."

Sam smiled after Junhoe pulled back, his eyebrows raised in curiosity at her reaction.

"Oops," Sam explained with the smile still on her face.

"Oh, about that. I took selcas on your phone and changed your wallpaper to one of them so you can have an updated version of my face. That and I deleted the photos of the other members. Your phone only has room for me now, okay?"

Sam's jaw dropped.

"Oops," Junhoe grinned. "How about I make it better with another kiss?"

With tomato red cheeks, Sam welcomed Junhoe's lips on her own again.


The door sung open and they both jumped, Sam instantly sitting up from laying on Junhoe's lap as the rest of the iKON members barged in with flowers and balloons, being lead by Sam's favorite evil maknae.

"Oh. Are we interrupting something?" Jinhwan asked, looking back and forth between Junhoe and Sam.

"June hyung, why is your shirt missing?" Chanwoo chuckled.

"Noona, are you feeling well? Your face is red!" Donghyuk stated loud enough for the rest of the members to shift their attention from Junhoe to Sam.

"Alright ladies, let's come back when the set is cleared. Let the kids enjoy some privacy, I'll buy tteokbokki for everyone in that cart we saw on the way here," Sailynn giggled and ushered the members out of the door then returned to shoot Sam a wink with a single comment.



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