Man Crush Monday!

Yay HI! I am back with Man Crush Monday! To be honest this card was kind of hard because I have so much crushes it was impossible to select a few. But I tried my best and here is the list!

But before that , lets thank @AimeBolanos for making this Give Away possible and here is the the fabulous Team Mod @Tylor619 @BlackoutZJ @alexcattura & @trustfundkid!

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Ban From The Seven Deadly Sins

So recently I have been watching this anime and I am telling you, I love Ban. He might seem uncaring and not likable at first but he is really kind once you get to know him. Truly my crush for these past few weeks!

Mikaela Hyukuya From Owari No Seraph

He has been my favorite since the beginning of the manga. He is really caring when it comes to his family and is willing to do anything which is why he is my crush!

Yukihira Souma From Food Wars

Can we just say, that he is everyone's crush, like literally?! He can cook and is also really funny in a way. He also helps boost everyone's confident in an instant. How can u not love him?

And that sums it all for now! I really wish I can add more but I have to study so (student problems). But will try to my best tomorrow! Thanks for reading and BYE!

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