Fan Moves V to Tears

During a fansign yesterday Taehyung met a fan who wrote a special message just for him. Taehyung took the time and read the message slowly and as he read it he started to cry. Once he finished reading the heart felt message he reached for the fans hands and held her. He held onto her for some time while he cried. The tears he shed were out of happiness and the fan cried with him. After seeing the pictures below I have never had my heart moved in such a way before. Seeing these pictures even I was moved to tears.

After spending some time with the fan V left the area to calm down then came back to the fansign to continue. I don't know what the message said and honestly I don't want to know. This was a heartfelt and special moment between that ARMY and V that it should remain between them. Again, these were tears of happiness!!!

I hope I can be an ARMY just like her where I'm able to connect with someone I love and hope they feel my heart the way V felt this Fans love.

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