And here is the promised one shot that was supposed to go up last week.

Hunt Its been a while since Ive been able to see Jae. Hes always busy with work, even when I was able to get time off to fly to Seoul to see him. I mean, Im able to look at the sights when hes at work, but with my limited knowledge of the language, its difficult to find my way around. Im able to read Hangul, but I have to sound out the characters like a kindergartner and even then I relied on my translator app, even if it did get the translations wrong 90% of the time. Im just happy my hotel had English speakers working there. Another thing that helped me out was my already messed up sleeping schedule. I worked graveyard shift, meaning I work at night. It also took me a while to save up for this trip. Jae has told me several times how bad he felt that he couldnt spend any time with me, but I assured him it was fine. Hes working hard. I was currently sitting on the hotel bed staring at the TV as an episode of Running Man played, with my eyebrows furrowed as I tried to figure out were saying. My phone rang and I absentmindedly grabbed it and answered it. Hello? I asked, getting more confused as to what Jae Suk was doing. Oh good, youre awake. Jae said. Yep. What are you up to, babe? Nothing. Are you alright? Yep. …Are you at the hotel? Yeah. Can I come visit? Yeah. Okay. Im almost there... Uh huh. I hung up and continued staring at the TV as it cut to commercial. I slowly got more and more confused. A knock on the door suddenly caught my attention. Just a second. I called out in broken Korean before walking over to the door and opening it to see Jae standing there with a single flower that honestly looked like he picked it on the way here. Whats this? You seemed mad at me so I got you a flower. He smiled, handing me the flower. So why are you mad at me? Whatd do this time? Oh, Im not mad. I said, sheepishly. I was uh…trying to understand the TV. I motioned to the screen that was playing a commercial. Ohhh. He said, walking past me and walking into the room and sitting down on the bed. So what are you here for? I thought you had to work all day. We got done early and I wanted to see you. Why? You already sick of this gorgeous face? He leaned back in a sexy pose. Actually, yeah a little bit. You know, a sweg chicken is cool and all, but when is someone else going to visit? Like Mark from GOT7. Ooh or Junho from 2PM. Hell, even Wonpil would be cool. A little variety from you, you know? I joked, crossing my arms and staring at him as he frowned. Well then.. He sat up and crossed his arms. It seems we are at an impasse. It seems so. I said as we stared at each other, matching smiles slowly breaking onto our faces. I sat down next to him and hugged him as he put his arms around me. Im sorry Im working so much when youre here. Its fine. You gotta work. Youve worked hard to get here. He kissed the top of my head. If it makes you feel any better, I have the next two days off. We can go exploring. You wanna go now? If you want to. Im fine with just staying in. With the tv you dont understand? He laughed at me. Youre right. Where do you want to go? I asked him. Hmmm… He hummed. Thats for me to know, and for you to find out. In other words, you dont know. Exactly. We both laughed. We ended up just going to a shopping district and window shopping. I didnt have much money left and I didnt want Jae to buy me anything. Though he insisted that it was fine. And then a familiar voice sounded from the speakers. I looked over at him and saw him mouthing along to the lyrics. I elbowed his side and made him look at me. Translate the lyrics for me. I said, teasingly. He cleared his throat and furrowed his eyebrows, translating as best he could. Dont even think of going back Dont run away either Baby girl I hunt you I hunt you Sweet girl oh sweet girl oh baby Be ma girl be ma girl ma baby Sweet girl oh sweet girl oh baby Be ma girl be ma girl ma baby Without saying anything Im staring at you You know I am You know uh uh uh you know You want me too Ooh Just embrace it baby you are mine He said during the chorus, looking down at me. Thats so sexist. I cant believe you. I teased. Hey I didnt write it. Brian and Wonpil did. He defended himself. Mmhmmm… I smiled at him. Well, it doesnt lie though. Dont think about running away, because Ill hunt you. Youre my sweet girl. Ugh youre so cheesy. You love it. He said, wrapping his arm around my waist and pecking my lips.


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