{MAG} Man Crush Monday!

Warning!! Possible Spoilers!!!! Continue with Caution!! I'm always falling behind and here I am again, so for yesterday's prompt here is my card! This usually isn't my cup of tea but here I present you with 5 of some of my favorite guys in anine. Let Man Crush Monday, on a Tuesday, begin!!

From Trigun, Vash the Stampede! This goofy lovable badass right here! He's funny, smart (although he doesn't seem like it), good looking and a complete beast!

Can't have a list with this man! From Sakamoto Desu Ga, the man himself Sakamoto-kun!!! He's always stylish in everything he does! He's Cool, Cooler, and Coolest!

From Magi, Sinbad of the Seven Seas! The ruler King of Sindria! Look at him, just look at him! Of course he's on this list!

From Noblesse, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, or simply known as Rai! He's without a doubt one of my favorite Vampires in all of anime! He doesn't raise his head to meet an enemies eyes but makes them kneel before him says, "This only is where our eyes meet!" Ahh such a badass!


I saved the best for last! From the heart jerking anime Orange, Suwa Hiroto! This guy right here earned so much of my respect it's not even funny! In order to save his friend from commiting suicide he is willing to let the girl he loves, his future wife who he has a child with, fall in love with his friend! Not only letting it happen but watching over them to make sure it happens! That takes heart! I respect this man so much!

I'll get today's card up later tonight after I get home from practice at the gym. So for now just enjoy these awesome guys I left you with! Tagging a few others in the challenge! @biancadanica98@otakudemon10@AimeBolanos @SAMURXAI@hikaymm  @taylor18920

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