Who Do You Ship Wednesday 💋💜💛💚💋💙💜💛💋

The 5th day of the Anime Giveaway Contest. Today's theme is Who Do You Ship Wednesday. Here are my top ships and I had ro choose the pictures that wee just right to the love between each couple. Enjoy!

Rin x Shiemi - Blue Exorcist

Satoru x Kayo- Erased

Rukia x Ichigo - Bleach

Serena x Darien - Sailor Moon

Raku x Onodera - Nisekoi

Edward x Winry- Full Metal Alchemist

Yuki x Yuno- Future Diary

Saya x Hagi - Blood +

Renton x Eureka - Eureka 7

Kirito x Asuna - Sword Art Online

Sasuke x Sakura - Naruto

Hey guys!!! I love all types of anime and manga. and I have been drawing since 6th grade!!ヽ(´▽`)/ Feel free to follow me!!
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