Seventeen One Shot

Cliche One Shot. Dont like dont read.

Main Female Lead: Lee Shinta (my alter ego)

Male lead: Jeon Won Woo.

Cast: Seventeen, Emma Shintas best friend.

Description: It was like any other day for Shinta. Senior year in high school and everyone is trying to study to graduate. One day Won Woo one of the boys from the popular group Seventeen comes up to Shinta and ask if she will help him study. Will she help? Or does she think its a trick?

Shinta P.O.V

Today was like any other school day for me. Wake up to my alarm blaring in my ear. Fight to untangle myself from my blankets. I swear my blanket comes to life in the middle of the night and put a death grip on my legs. After successfully freeing myself from my blankets, I roll over and end up face first on the floor. Sitting up I give a few choice words and stand up. Grabbing my glasses and placing them on my face securely. I begin my cleaning ritual. After wards I grab my clothes for the day which consist of faded blue jeans, black t-shirt with B.A.P written on the front in white, a pull over hoodie and a pair black and white sneakers. Brushing my long black hair out. I stand in front of the mirror and grimaces. I was your everyday book worm and nerd. I have long straight black black hair I keep down, Thick glasses covering my green eyes, clear skin luckily, and I was chubby. Only thing i find attractive on me is my eye color. After giving myself another once over. I grab my back pack and head down stairs.

Walking into the kitchen i spot a note on the kitchen table. Grabbing a muffin and I sit at the table, lifting the note up i start to read as i eat my breakfast:

Hey Sweetie

Your father and I had to leave on a business trip and wont be back for 3 months. There is plenty of food in the fridge for this month and we put some money in your bank account to last you till we get home. If you need anything just call us ok sweetie. We love you.

Love Mom and Dad.

Placing the note down. I finish my muffin as i hear a honk outside. I smile as i grab my back pack and house keys locking up. Rushing down to the waiting car i hop in and smile over at my best friend Emma.

"Hey Emma!" I said

"Hey Shinta, ready for another dull day at school?." Emma said.

Emma and I been best friends since grade school. I was being bullied really bad and Emma came to my rescue by beating up the bullies. She was tough then and still tough now. Shes very protective of me and people seen her wrath when she beat up some seniors who decided to bully me when we were freshmen in high school. People fear yet admire her. She was beautiful. with long purple hair and hazel eyes. She changes her hair color often.

"Always ready for a day at school" I said with a laugh.

We finally make it to school as Emma pulls into a parking space. We grab our back packs and head into the building talking and laughing among ourselves. We head to our lockers which we were lucky enough to get next to each other. As we talked by the lockers we suddenly hear girls start screaming and yelling "Oppas!".

We roll our eyes as we watch them make a fool of themselves.

"Seventeen must of strolled in."Emma said.

"Yeah. They are the most handsome boys in school with a huge fan club." I said.

"Thats true but still all that screaming gives me a migraine. Wish they would fangirl quietly." Emma said rubbing her temples.

"Not much we can do about it. Lets head to homeroom." I said. Closing our lockers we head towards our homeroom. Once we enter we head to the back of the class. I sat by the window and Emma sat next to me. Placing our supplies on our desks we chat and wait for the class to fill up. Once the class filled up our teacher enters the room.

"Alright everyone settle down." teacher spoke up. The class settles down and waits for the teacher to speak again.

"Thank you. Now you are all aware that final exams are coming up in a few months?" he said. You can hear collective groans in the class. "Alright settle down." he said. The class quiets down once again.

"Well these next few months are going to be tough for you all. We as teachers are going to try our best to prepare you for the exams. Now their are few of you in this class that are going to need a little extra help and you know who you are." he continues "So I recommend you guys to find people to tutor you. Preferably the ones who you know will actually help you pass." he finishes. "Enjoy your day and study hard." he exits the room.

"Hey Shin who do you think are the ones who need help?" Emma asked.

"I'm not to sure honestly. I really don't pay that much attention." I replied.

"Do you think anyone will ask us to tutor them? We are the top two students in the senior class." Emma said.

"I doubt that Em. We aren't the most popular kids in school." I said.

"Well if they want to pass we will be their best bets." Emma said laughing.

"So true." I said laughing with her.

As our laughing calms down we noticed two shadows come across our desks. We both look up and hold in our gasps of surprise. We were face to face with two members of the group Seventeen. Jeon Won Woo one of the quietest members of the group and Choi Seung Cheol the leader of said group. Emma and I stare at them with our eyes wide in surprise. What seems like forever SeungCheol speaks up.

"Bae Emma and Lee Shinta? As we nod in confirmation. He continues to speak. "My friend and i would like to ask if you two will tutor us?" SeungCheol asks. Emma and I look at each other in surprise. Two of the most popular boys in school just asked us to tutor them. My insecurity starts showing as I speak.

"Are you sure we are the ones you should ask?" I said.

"Yeah, We are both very much aware that you have a member in your group who could tutor you both." Emma said with an air of suspicion.

"Thats true we have someone who could tutor us but hes going to have his hands full with the rest of the group." SeungCheol siad.

"We will get back to you guys we need to discuss this. We are very suspicious for the fact that we aren't very popular among the student body and a few times they destroyed our trust and faith in them."Emma said. I put my head down knowing she was referring to the fact that I was bullied and she earned the title as a she-devil for her fighting skills.

"We understand." Won Woo speaks after being silent for the whole exchange. Looking at him i noticed a look of uncertainty in his eyes. Feeling an unknown tug at my heart. I speak up once again.



Finally the bell rang signaling its lunch time. We gather out supplies dropping it off in our lockers. We head to the lunch room talking about what our decision will be.

"So Emma what do you think we should do?" I asked.

"I dont know honestly. Like I'm suspicious but I'm also glad we could be a help to someone who may be struggling." Emma said. As we get in the lunch line i speak up again.

"I think we should agree to help them. I dont want to see someone fail when we could have helped them." I said. Emma looks deep in thought for a second then looks at me smiling.

"I agree. Against better belief I am a softy when it comes to helping people." Emma said smiling. I laugh softly. "Thats true." I say.

We sat down after grabbing our lunch and start eating but unfortunately it was interrupted by the Skank squad. Seventeen's fan club president and her cronies.

"So i heard that our beautiful princes came to you asking for some help." She sneered at us.

"And your point is?" Emma said uniterested in what she was saying. The fan club president spat out. "Dont think you are so special that they asked you for help. They just felt bad for you peasents." I look up at her my mouth moving before I could think about it. "And? You think they would ask you guys for help? I seen your scores. You will be lucky if you could make it into the top 100. So i suggest you worry about yourself and dont concern yourself with what we are doing." I said. The fan club president face turns red as she sputters trying to form words.

"Having some trouble there? Would you like an ice pack for that burn you are suffering from?" Emma said smirking as the fan club humph and storms away with her cronies. Emma and I start laughing.

"Way to go Shin! I knew you had it in you to stand up for yourself." Emma said.

"I have you to thank for that Emma. You helped embrace my inner sass." I laugh softly.

"Well lets finish eating then head to class." Emma said. We finished lunch and headng to class grabbing our supplies from our lockers.

Rest of the day went by without anymore interruptions. As the final bell rings we grab our homework and head towards the entrance. As the entrance comes into view we see that WonWoo and SeungCheol are waiting for us at the entrance. As we draw near they stand up straight and look at us expectantly.

"So did you two make a decision?" SeungCheol asks seemingly nervous.

"Yeah we did. We will help you on the condition that you agree to the time and days to study and we pick the place." Emma said.

"What time, days and where?" SeungCheol asked.

After school Monday and Wednesday and the weekends at 12pm to 4pm." I continue "and place will be mine. Do you guys agree to these terms?"

"Yes we do." Won Woo said.

"Alright since we got that settle. We are starting right away since its Monday." I said.

"Go grab your supplies and let your parents know." Emma said. They nod as they do what we asked.

"Ok we are ready." SeungCheol said.

"Alright follow us." Emma said as we walk to her car. We all climb in and head to my house. We reached my house and head inside once i unlock the door.

"We can use the livingroom there is more room." I said. We all put our stuff down.

"Alright first lets start off with introductions. Ill go first." Emma continues " My name is Bae Emma you can call me Emma or Em."

"I am Choi SeungCheol. I prefer to be called S.Coups"

"I am Lee Shinta. You can call me Shinta or Shin"

"I'm Wonwoo." After we finish introductions we buckle down and start studying. 2 hours passed before we all decided to take a break. We all give a good stretch to get the kinks out our neck and back.

"Are you all hungry?" I asked. Before anyone could answer there was a collective rumble and we all start laughing. "Does pizza sound good.?" I asked. They all nod.

Pulling out my phone i dialed the pizza place and placed our order.

"Will be 45 minutes so lets get a little more study time in." I said. We got back to studying and 45 minutes later the door bell rings. I answer it grabbing the food and paying the pizza boy. Walking to the kitchen i place it on the table and grab some paper plates. We all sat down and start eating.

"So S.Coups what made you and Wonwoo ask us to be your tutors?" Emma asked.

"You two are few of the smart students in school and we knew you two will be our best bets if we wanted to graduate." he said.

"Our friend Jihoon a.k.a Woozi has his hands full with the rest. So we didnt want to burden him so we asked the teacher who we should ask and he said we should ask you two." Wonwoo said. We all stare at him our mouth agape. He looks at us. "What?"

"That was the longest sentence you said to us since we started." I said slightly red not wanting to offend him.

"Oh thats only cause i didnt know you guys at first and I'm extremely shy." He said.

We smile at him and continue our dinner.

"Alright I think we study enough for today." Emma said. We all nod in agreement.

Emma, S.Coups and Wonwoo packed up their stuff and head to the door.

"Ill take you guys home." Emma said.

"Thank you Em." S.Coups said.

"Good night Shinta." Wonwoo said.

"Good night everyone." I said. They all walk to Emmas car and climb in. I shut the door and head to bed. Changing into my pajamas i climb in bed and fall asleep.

(Time Skip)

Its been 3 months since Emma and I started tutoring S.Coups and Wonwoo and its been one of the funnest times we ever had. S.Coups, Wonwoo and their group are super nice and sweet. It appears if you become friends with one you become friends with them all. School hasnt been the same. It use to be just Emma and I but now we have added 13 new people. We would all eat lunch together and have a blast. Emma and I still get glared at by all the females cause we did something no one else did and that was to be included into Seventeen. We could careless. We always had people hating on us.

It was just another day in the lunch room and we were all sitting and talking about what we will do we graduate. We had our exams coming up next week.

"So guys how confident do you feel in your exams next week.?" I asked.

"I'm really confident cause i had one of the best tutors." Wonwoo said looking at me. My heart sped up as he looked at me. For the past month my heart has been acting strange everytime Wonwoo looked at me or spoke to me. I didnt know what it was. I kept it to myself not even telling Emma, but today i need to tell her whats going on. Lucky this is Friday.

"Hey Emma want to spend the night at my house this weekend." I look at her my eyes speaking volumes.

"Of course." Emma said.

"Can I spend the night too?" S.Coups ask looking at Emma.

"No guys allow. Its gonna be a girls night in." I said.

"Awww man." S.Coups pouts. I roll my eyes at him and laugh.

"How about me?" JeongHan asked.

"You can Jeonghan." I said.

"What? Why can he spend the night but i cant?" S.Coups pouts.

"Because Jeonghan is gonna share his secret on how he makes his hair looks so gorgeous." Emma said. S.Coups pouts.

"You will be alright S.Coups." I said. Reason i agree to allow Jeonghan because he would be able to give good insight on what I'm feeling. Hes very intuitive and acts like a mother hen towards the boys and us.

After school ends we stop at Jeonghans house and then Emmas so they can grab some clothes. Once we are at my house we all change into PJs. I order us some chinese food. When the food arrived we all sat down chatting away. We finished dinner and as i place my chop sticks down i grab my pillow and hugs it.

"Okay Shin we have been patient. So tell us whats on your mind." Emma said.

"Yeah Shin tell us what is bothering you." Jeonghan piped in. I take a deep breath.

"Well I think I may be getting ill." I said.

"Explain your symptoms?." Jeonghan coaxed.

"Well for this past month everytime i look at Wonwoo or he looks at me or smile my heart would speed up and my face would go all red." I said.

"Oh Shin that illness is called love sickness. It occurs when you end up having feelings for someone more then a a friend. Its completely normal." Jeonghan said.

"Do you guys like anyone more then a friend?" I asked.

"Well I like S.Coups." Emma said.

"I havent found anyone I like yet." Jeonghan said.

"You will." I said.

"So should I confess to him?" I ask.

"Yes but do it on graduation." Jeonghan said.

"Same for you Emma." He said. Rest of the weekend we talked and laughed and had a blast.

One week later

Finally we all finished our exams and we now await for the scores to be posted. Finally what felt like forever the scores were posted and people rush to see if they passed. You can hear a few shouts of joys and a few groans of despair. Finally Emma, Wonwoo, S.Coups and I reach the board.

#1 Lee Shinta

#2 Bae Emma

We saw our name first and as we scrolled down we found the guys scores.

#6 Jeon Wonwoo

#7 Choi SeungCheol

We all gave a shout of joy.

"Yes! You guys made it in the Top 10!" I jump up clapping in joy. The men still stand there in shock.

"Looks like they are shell shocked Shin" Emma said and i giggle.

They snap out of it and gave a shout of joy before they surprise up by giving us a hug. My heart started to race and my face turned bright red as Wonwoo hugged me.

"We couldnt have done it without all your help." They both say to us.

"Thank you Emma and Shin." S.Coups smiled.

"Glad we were able to help."Emma said.

Finally graduation day. I pace back and forth in my room as i clutch and letter to my chest addressed to Wonwoo. My best friend Emma and Jeonghan are sitting on my bed trying to calm me down.

"Shin calm down before you put a hole in the floor." Emma said.

"Come one come sit." Jeonghan grabs my hand and leads me to the bed and forces me to sit.

"Shin everything will be okay." Emma said.

"I cant help but worry. What if he rejects me?" I said on the brinks of tears.

"Shin trust us okay. Have faith." Jeonghan said. I take a deep breath and calm my nerves.

"Shinta! Emma! Jeonghan! Time to go." My mother shouts upstairs.

"Coming mom." I yell back. We all stand up and head down stairs.

" I cant believe my baby is graduating." My mom wipes some tears.

"I love you mom." I said hugging her.

"Come on ladies and gent lets go" my father said. We all pile into the car and head to the school assembly. We all take our respective seats as the school Principal makes a speech. Once she finishes they start calling names and handing out our diplomas.

I wait up on the roof of the school with Emma as we wait. Jeonghan was our messenger asking Wonwoo and S.Coups to meet us on the roof.

"Are you nervous Em?" I ask.

"Just a little." she said.

"Im going to go to the other side of the roof so we both can have our private moment with them." Emma heads to the other side of the roof. The building that the stairs are in block us from each other view. What seemed like hours the door finally opens revealing Jeonghan, S.Coups and Wonwoo.

"S.Coups follow me." Jeonghan said as he goes to the other end of the roof.

Wonwoo walks over to me.

"Jeonghan said you wanted to meet me?" He said. I nod as words fail me. I thrust the letter to him and bow my head.

"P-Please a-accept my f-feelings. I really like you." I blurt out. I keep my head down as my face heats up. He grabs the letter but doesnt open it. I feel like my heart is going to shatter as tears stream down my face.

"Shin look at me." He said gently. I shake my head no. His hand comes into view as he lifts up my head gently. He smiles sweetly at me.

"Shin tell me again but this time look into my eyes." He said. I look into his eyes as my heart race and my face turns red.

"I-I like you Wonwoo!" I blurt out. He smiles at me as he moves closer.

"I've been waiting for you to confess to me. I have liked you since freshman year but you were unreachabale, so i decided this year i was going to get close to you. When the teacher suggested we find a tutor I knew right away that this was my chance to be near you." He continue " When you agree to tutor me my heart jumped with joy. Took everything in me to hide what i was feeling so i didnt scare you away. Now that we are graduating i can tell you this." he leans closer "Shin I like you too. Will you be my girlfriend?" He said his face only centimeters away from mine.

"Y-yes i will be your girlfriend." i said blushing. He smiles at me as he closed the distance and places his lips gently against mine kissing me sweetly.

Suddenly a loud clapping and cheering can be heard as we jump apart in surprise. We look over and see all our friends together cheering and clapping. I look over at Emma and see S.Coups hand around her waist holding her close to him.

"Seems like we weren't the only ones with a happy ending"Wonwoo said. I laugh softly. "Thats true.". He pulls me into his embrace and hugs me.

"I'm never gonna let you go Shin my love." Wonwoo said as he leans back down giving me another soft sweet kiss. We break apart smiling as he grabs my hand securely and we walk over to our friends. Knowing that we will have a long bright future ahead of us.

Finally I finished the story! Super long one shot but oh well. Enjoy!

Hello my name is Steph I'm from Ohio. Any questions just ask.
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