¥MAG¥ GET TOGETHER WENSDAY (who do you ship wensday)

I'M back from 2 day food posion, it sucked alot I couldn't do anything, I am still sick but almost over it. For today I ship Hei x Yin from darker than black, the reason why I chose them because dolls aka 'contractors' don't have feelings but yet the show, shows they do care about each other but they never did get together, I mean look at them, they are soooo cuttteee together.

Honorable Mentions? Instead of me doing some, I was hoping you guys will do some honorable mentions in the comments or a card and tag me ^^

For the MEGA ANIME GIVEAWAY go check out AimeBolanos and fine the card for it ^^


I love anime but I am a lazy type but will get stuff done by the dead line, I should put more detail in my thoughts and probably will
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