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Even though I made a card similar like this before I'm going to switch it up, and go all out for these two. (Rokuro Enmado x Benio Adashino from Sousei no Onmyouji "Twin Star Exorcist") Rokuro Enmado, the main hero of Twin Star Exorcists, is an exorcist and is the only survivor from the Hiinatsuki Dormitory. Together with Benio Adashino, the main heroine of Twin Star Exorcists, is the head of the distinguished Hondo-Adashino family from Kyoto.

Rokuro and Benio are destined to marry and give birth to the strongest exorcist, the Miko. At first, he is against this. But after they were forced to live together in order to become closer and accept their given name as the Twin Star Exorcists, he still refuses to accept marrying her.

As the story progresses, Benio seems to be in love with him even though he is totally oblivious to it. Rokuro has strong feelings to protect her even if it means it would cost him his life. Benio is also seen to show the same feelings. When she lost her legs in an intense battle against Yuuto, she felt very helpless looking at Rokuro fighting and losing which made her resolve to agree to the eleventh Basara Kamui's offer to give her the legs of an Impurity so she can fight again together with Rokuro.

On their first night out, Rokuro gifts two bellflower shaped accessories to Benio as a token of friendship, although it is heavily implied they are more than friends.

Rokuro in the later chapters seems to get embarrassed easily by seeing Benio smile showing signs of attraction. He has also bathed together with Benio as a "challenge", although he passes out from a nosebleed and shock as Benio faints from embarrassment while washing his back. You could easily say their relationship is definitely more than simplistic friends, as they live together, have bathed together and respect each other as formidable exorcists.

Finally, Rokuro and Benio shared their first kiss!!!

I hope you enjoy my card, and it literally took me quite a while to make/gather all the photos. Haha. @AimeBolanos

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