Blinded part 3

You and Namjoon were on the escalator when the nurse quickly called you. "Y/n!!!!" You turned around worried. "Your dad! Your dad!" You ran and Namjoon followed you as the nurse helped him. You opened the door and saw the doctor doing CPR on him. After your scream followed a big beep sound, letting you know your dad was gone. Namjoon finally came in and he found you by sound. He held you and you two cried. Later on you calmed down. "Namjoon-ah... it's over. My life is over." "Don't say that. Your father wouldn't want you like this." You touched his face. "Can you feel me?" He nodded. "Thanks for everything Namjoon." He held out his hand trying to find your hand. You grabbed it making his hands feel warmer. "Y/n-ah... Even though things were dark in my eyes, You gave me light." Without him knowing, he developed feelings for you. Feelings that he couldn't change any more. It grew too deep, you couldn't stop it from growing. He wanted you to feel safe in his arms, and have comfort. Comfort was the thing he wanted to do for you. Because, you gave him so much comfort also. When people looked at him weird because he was blind, you protected him and didn't let go of his hand. Whatever he did, you weren't embarrassed of. He wanted to give up on so much things, but you helped him. He hesitated to say this but, he loved you. "Y/n-ah..." "Hmm?" You answered him, out of breath. "I.. want to ask you something." "What is it?" "Can I.. become a person that'll stay next to you forever?" He felt your breath stop at the sudden question. He cleared his throat and asked again. "May I be someone who could always be there for you?" You grabbed his hand and put it on your lips. "You feel this?" "Yeah?" "This is me smiling." Namjoon smiled, showing his beautiful dimples. "I would love for you to be there for me. I would love that." Namjoon held out his hand and put out his pinkie. "You promise?" "Pinkie promise." Few days later, it was the funeral. You cried so much before, you didn't even have tears coming out. Too much tears wasted. A woman walked into the funeral home. Wearing a black tight dress, sunglasses on, with shiny black kill heels. Everyone couldn't help but stare at her bold and a little bit shameful at the way she was dressed at a funeral. She went into the room you were at with your dad's picture. You weren't even able to see her face because you bowed down. She giggled. That voice. You recognized it. "Hey honey." You looked up right away. Prostitute. "Why are you here?" She mockingly smiled. "You haven't seen me for a long time dear. At least act like your happy to see me." You glared at her "I can't even act like I'm happy because you make me gag. I mean.. that stops you from smiling right?" And you made a throwing up motion. She rolled her eyes and went closer to you, trapping you to the corner. "Shouldn't you be glad that at least someone is there for you to take care of you?" You smirked. "Are you kidding? A prostitute as a mother? You think I would be appreciative about that? And stop being nice to me. I can tell your acting." She slapped you hard. "At least I make money bitch." You looked up at the ceiling, trying to stop your tears. "This is the real you. Abusing your child, cheating on your husband, having sex with other people on the streets for filthy money. That's the real you." She lost words. "Yeah.. I guess you have nothing to say right? Why? Is it because I'm too accurate about your life? Or is it because you ran out of excuses?" She didn't say anything. "Oh did you come here to apologize to dad? Don't even try." "Shut up." She muttered. "Speak louder, I can't hear you." "SHUT UP!" And she slammed you on the wall. "OH, you're attitude has been growing while I was gone huh? Once you live with me, I'll fix that shitty attitude of yours." You pushed her off of you. "I'm not living with you." "You have to." "NO." "It's the law." "I'm old enough, and I have evidence that you've been abusing me for a long time. You can't do anything about that." She laughed and took something out from her purse. "These photos?" You were shocked that she had those. You always kept those pictures just in case something happens. "OH honey, you're probably wondering how I got these. I'll tell you one thing. I work hard. That's how I got them." Tears were coming in. You didn't know where Namjoon was. "Oh, and I found out something really funny... Are you dating a blind kid?" "Don't call him that. His name is Namjoon." "Yeah... I don't think he's here yet. You know why?" You worriedly asked, "Why?" "He's hurt." "Huh?" You scrunched your eyebrows. "One of the guys I had sex with last night said that he would do anything for me because I gave him so much pleasure. And he's rich." "So what did you do to him?!" "Well.. I kinda asked him to take the Namjoon kid and stop him from coming." "WHAT?" She took out her phone. "Oh look, here's a facetime coming." She answered it and started to laugh. "Aww poor thing." And she shoved the phone in your face. There he was. Tied up half naked. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! HE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US!!" "Do you want this to stop?" "WHAT DO YOU THINK!" "Then come with me." You stopped. You knew you couldn't cause pain to Namjoon because of this. You didn't even know why she wanted you to live with you so bad. So bad that she had to hurt other people." "Okay.. I'll live with you." She smirked and talked on the phone. "Oppa~ thanks! I only have you. I'll see you tonight! You can let him go." And you were taken out the funeral home. From that point on, you weren't able to see Namjoon. Not even a proper goodbye. But Namjoon was going to find you. You knew he would.

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