100 Day challenge

Looks like I'm late again. *sigh* all well I've been busy and is it just me or is the days moving quicker. Any ways here are the days that I missed.

Day 46 favorite shonen anime. I like a lot from this group so I'll just name some of them. Frist picture~Shaman King Second picture~ Bleach Third picture~ Dragon ball series Fourth picture~ Inuyasha

Day 47 Favorite Tsundere is Alice from Pandora Hearts.

Day 48 favorite Reversed Harm. I have two favorites from this group. The frist one is my all time favorite Ouran Highschool Host Club.I love the story, the characters and everything from this anime and if I ever need a good laught I always turn to this anime. My second one is hakouoki. Now anime this is darker then Ouran. Now don't get me wrong there is some funny parts thanks to the three trio and of couse okita but there is also parts you are like 'oh shit just got real' which is also followed by crying. Hakouoki has many scenes that hits your emotions and also keeps you on your toes.

Day 49 subs or dubs. I really don't care it normally depends on the anime.

Day 50 Favorite studio ghilbi Work. Ummm I not a big fan of Ghilbi work but I only seen one which is Howl's moving castle which I really didn't get into.

Well those are the days that I missed. Next is day 51 and I already have that answer so see you guys next.

Hello everyone the name is Alexandra or you can call me Allie for short. I'm a huge gamer and I love anime a lot. Thanks to Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. I'm also a huge fan of creepypasta and well pretty much anything gory, bloody, and scary. Something a girl shouldn't like but I don't give a damn. Overall I'm a really easily to get along with unless you get me angry then that's a different story.
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