When you have no more "waiting" left in you

I find I am frustrated by lack of movement, the feeling of being stuck, like jammed in traffic on a highway with cars on either side and you are going nowwhere, where your heart longs to move, where you are rushing to that "I have arrived at my destination location" where you arent just waiting, but here the cars walling you in are controlling the time, restricting the movement, forcing the PATIENCE. I love road running, the rush, the momentum, no peak time treadmill traffic, the feeling of pushing, the drive and the drug of complexion knowing that I started, endured and finished. I start each race with the end in mind, seeing myself at the finish line from my starting line, its that picture that keeps me motivated, well that and knowing I have run 10KM away from home and I need to go back, but its that image that keeps me moving, that stops me from slowing down, that keeps me focuses and sides steps thoughts of quitting, that drive that makes me push past the thought of slowing down and walking the journey. But sometimes you hit a cramp, where your mind wants to run through it, but your body is hurting themore you push it, so you have to slow down till you cant jog and you need to walk it and maybe a lil further and you are now just dragging urself forward. And on your race to the end, where nothing could slow you down you are in a traffic Jam. The frustration of these 4 car walls, no progress in my work, relationship, ministry, dream and aspirations... Till I thought what If I was a caterpillar and this was my cocoon. That God cramps me in my running so He can just stop me. That this moment, time and season is my stop and wait and develop. We all want to finish but very few of us want to endure to get to the finish. But if the cocoon tore open before It was time, the butterfly would have more legs than Wings, It would be good at starting and running its race but lacking all that it needs to be great and soar and fly through the finish line. If I drove through my traffic jam I would Crash where I am If the road ahead of me wasnot clear. The waiting is designed to make our good start a great finish, the wait is to build strength, character and capacity for the push to the end. "but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah‬ ‭40:31‬ ‭ESV‬‬. God renews our Strength in the waiting, where your season, traffic Jam and 4 walls are shaping your legs into wings. You cannot run in new strength and energry when your havent given your body time to recieve it. Be encouraged, Your Waiting may be a slow process but be patient, because you many need more than just butterfly wings, and eagles wings take time.

Samara: Covered by God. Im loving God, Im loving life, Im loving what God is doing in & through me. I am a @Girlswithwiings Partner.
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