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Oct. 16th was the last date in the tour. Now I'm here to talk about my experience going to my home show. And let me tell you it was a lot of fun. I made in a previous card that I'm part of the Fearless Street Team. So I was able to volunteer plus meet the band and see them. And now to the fun part. My history with PIerce The Veil. I became a fan about 2007, when I went to my first Vans Warped Tour. I didn't actually get to see them live, but I heard their song Currents Convulsive on the Warped Tour Compilation CD. I thought it sounded really cool, so I looked them up and found their album "A Flair For The Dramatics" and after listening to it I fell in love with it. I wasn't to keen on keeping track when new album were being put out. After awhile their second album "Selfish Machines" came out and it was what they called "a lot heavier" than their last album. I loved t even more, and I started tracking them more. The year was 2010, they had signed over to Fearless Records and was in the studio making another album which was called "Collide With The Sky." It was a beautiful album. I loved it to pieces. No your probably wondering... why haven't you seen them live before this tour? Well I either didn't have the money or I couldn't go. Forward to now. May 13th 2016 The looooong awaited fourth album. "Misadventures" It just so amazing, I'm so proud of these four men that changed the lives of many, and also being great supporters to their fans. Enough blabbing these below are from my concert date when they played here in Boise.

Don't mind me in the first two~ Forever a PTV fan~

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