My Chance

In this cold world, you're my warmth And it's miraculous with you, whether calm or storms Holding you tight against me is something my heart wishes I will never let you fall even if my life ceases I'll stand by you even in hell to make the heaven for you As you brought the love in my dead soul to born from the stew With your mesmerising eyes, I see the world in new colors And talking to you all day and night makes me warm You miss have won over my heart and I'm loving every part I'm actually speechless when I talk to you Because I find you so amazingly beautiful I just want to hold your hands and stay till eternity And watch seasons to change by falling the destiny To hold you with tenderness and glow in your eyes And one day fall on my knees to make her my wife To kiss her juicy lips and watch her eyes dance As with her I don't want to miss even a single chance The way you make me feel inside The way you smile so bright I just love each moment with you And I want to be with you forever loving you

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