{MAG} Favorite Friday!

Hey Otakus! Today is Day 7 of the Mega Anime Giveaway! It is also the LAST Day But dont worry Ill make a card explaining what is gonna happen but for now..

TODAY'S THEME IS FAVORITE FRIDAY! Favorite Anime's or Anime Characters are getting today's Spotlight!

There are so many amazing Anime's out there that it truly is hard to claim inly one as a Favorite! So When I think of a Favorite Anime I always think about an Anime I always go back and watch again and again and never get bored or tired of it! So here are my Top 11 Favorite Animes❤


Fairy Tail was the first Anime Fandom I had ever joined and I continue to love and support it no matter how Crazy it gets or sadly how much hate it has recieved! I love Fairy Tail! And I dont think there will come a day where I dont read it, see it, post it or think about it. Oh well probably when Im dead xD (Many of you should know this about me xD)


I loved Assassination Classrrom so much I was so impacted by the end it was such a great Anime it literally took you on the ride with all of the characters and Koro-Sensei os one of the best teachers I have ever seen I honestly wish there were people like him in real life❤ Highly Recommend This Anime!


Gintama is just so crazy and super hilarious I dont think there isnt a time where I dont laugh at an episode. The characters are just super amazing and fit in so damn perfectly. I love the Odd Jobs Crew (Gintoki, Shinpachi & Kagura❤) they are always together not matter what and its so cute because Gintoki is like a father to Kagura and Shinpachi he may not seem like it but the more you get into the anime you'll see what Im talking about. I Highly Recommend this Anime as well!


I really enjoyed Yona of the Dawn probably because I love all thing Mythical❤ The Dragons are so fun and unique in each way. (My Favs is The Blue & White Dragon) Hak is just BAE! And I really love Yona's character development! Not all princesses gather up the courage to defend thier country especially after what Yona went through so I was extremly pleased on how she grew as a person❤ Another Anime I Highly Recommend!


This was the first Slightly Scary Anime that I had ever seen and I loved it all! (I didn't put this on my list for Terrifying Thursday because I wanted it to get its spotlight today xD) Kaneki went from "Hello Sir Nice To Meet You" to " your Daughter Calls Me Daddy Too" xD His change was so fast yet satisfying because through out the whole anime you wait to see Kaneki embrace his new Ghoul side and when he does you just stay quiet in Awe. Both Seasons were really good Still waiting on my Third xD Highly Recommend This Anime!

OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB❤THIS REVERSE HAREM IS LIFE! Not only does it make you want to ships all of the guys with Haruhi but it totally has broken down some boundries which I LOVE! For example! Haruhi doesn't care if she dresses as a guy or girl she believes the on how the person on the inside is what really counts which is why she has no problems with her Father who is a total Cross Dresser! (Not to mention how fabulous Haruhi's Dad is xD) I honestly was really happy about that because people now a days beed to see that stuff like that is ok and it really only does matter how the person is on the inside! Love this Anime (And the boys hehe) Highly Recommend it!


This Anime made me feel feels so fast TuT but this anime is Super Awesome! Rin is my Favorite Character in the Anime (The MC) H e has his moments but all around he is a great Anime Character! I ship Shiemi × Rin 4 LIFE (xD) Honestly if I were to get into more Detail about this anime I would just end up spoiling the whole thing xD So Ima Just Highly Recommend this Anime❤


ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH! Saitma is the definition of OP! (xD) And the funny thing is he doesn't even really try!! Not to mention the amazing facial characteristics he has xD Genos is the perfect Cryborg Eye Candy and I love every second of him I mean... the Anime... xD Lol all jokes aside this Anime is just freaken awesome especially the final Battle!


TuT... This Anime I have said in the past and I will repeat it over and over again. This Anime has not only Captivated me but it has now moved deep into my heart and will always have a special place in it as well❤ Words alone cannot describe how much I love this anime! Everything is amazing and it always hits me on the feels! Even though it does bring out the emotions in you I highly recommend this amazing Anime!





TuT Another Anime that made me the feels and on the very first EPISODE! I loved this anime all the way through and I love how strong and beautiful the power of friendship prevailed in this Anime! Super Duper Uper Recommend it! (xD forgive the non existing words)


And Last but Certainly Not Least.. The Newest Anime I am Currently watching! YURI ON ICE! This Anime is only 3 elisode in and I have already committed to a new fandom and have become super obsessed! I cant stop re-watching episodes and listening to the Opening Song❤ I may need help!@alexcattura &@trustfundkid know what Im talking about xD This is one of my favorites and Injust cant get enough❤

So What Is your Favorite Anime? (Or Anime Character)

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