Jo In Sung re-enacts the 'cotton candy kiss' with a lucky fan

You can tell which celebrities care by their fan service, and during his latest fan meeting, Jo In Sung proved he's definitely one of the nicest celebrities out there! Jo In Sung held an up-close-and-personal fan meeting with 500 fans from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and more at NH Art Hall in Seoul on September 1. True to the theme of the fan meeting, 'That Winter, We Meet Jo In Sung', a lucky fan was able to re-enact the drama's unforgettable cotton candy kiss scene with Jo In Sung. The actor also gave fans the chance to make their wishes come true throughout the event, answered questions about 'That Winter, The Wind Blows', and gifted fans with the bracelet that Oh Soo wore in the drama. What a lucky girl!

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