FairyTail Friday!

Here's my FairyTail Friday hope you like! (^_^) p.s. started it on Friday night but sorry I posted it late. Tagging:@AimeBolanos

so my favorite character is Natsu Dragneel. Always try to be positive and very optimistic. He see the positive side of life and always does the right thing in any situation. Doesn't try to destroy stuff in purpose it's always an accident.

Well I'm 24....female that 💙's playing videos games, reading manga, watch anime. My most fav anime would be FairyTail,My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, Pokemon.....and I like collecting anime stuff. But the most important thing to me that i treasure a lot is making other people smile and i really like Natsu, Deku, Rin, and Lucy smile plus sometime those smiles inspire me to draw. 😄
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