Wonho In Tears After Talking About The Members...

I feel like I'm spamming everyone today and this week. Lol I'm sorry, I promise I'll post less after this card. It's just these guys keep attacking us on the daily and this is something I really want to talk about and make a card about.

So as the title states. Wonho choked up and cried while talking about the members not once but twice in the same program. On a live radio show and in a video message from that same radio program.


But before I start talking about that I just want to state my personal thoughts about Wonho. Tbh I do like Wonho's sexy side (not gunna lie), but personally my favorite side of him is that he's really soft and caring. That's actually what pulled me more into Monsta X in the first place during/before Rush promos and started to support them more. Well anyways.... this really got to me AGAIN ¿(-_-)?

Starting at 33:32 this conversation is brought up~

English translation below

Then recently, this video was posted of Wonho sending warm messages to each member ♡ (I can't with these feels...)

Translation Below~

*Swipe or click the Arrow so you can see the continued trans.*

××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× These guys as many other idols are also human too and have insecurities. Sometimes we tend to forget that as fans... We see their happy side that we forget that they are full of sorrow and they have problems too. I'm happy that Wonho was strong enough to open up not just to the members but to basicly the whole world about his feelings. Yes, Wonho is probably the softest and the one we've probably seen cry the most out of all the members, but this just makes me realize why I like Monsta X so much and gives me the energy to keep supporting them even more~ Sorry for my ranting and spamming once again and please keep supporting Monsta X & show them lots of love♡.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns~

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