Mega Anime Giveaway!

Hello Otakus!

The Mega Anime Giveaway Is officially Over Since Firday (yesterday) was the Last Themed Day!

Here are the Vinglers who have succesfully participated and finished all of the Themes! @Demonangel522@alexcattura@RogueLeigh@Taylor18920@Leolaring@Bmondragon93@Tylor619@shadow3750@AmazingAshley@OtakuDemon10@assasingod@biancadanica98@lexysan@trustfundkid

If you Participated but do not see your name above it is because you are sadly Missing A couple or even just One day of the Day's Prompts! If you have completed the whole Giveaway please tag me in the card because I have seem to missed it! Here are the following people who have participated but are missing some!



If you think its too late IT'S NOT! If you are missing some prompts or if you're barley starting dont worry you have till SUNDAY to make them up! On Tuesday I will be will be announcing the Winners and New Supporter/s of the Mega Anime Giveaway!

If you have any questions feel free to message me or just comment below! Until Then See You Later Otakus❤!

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