Current obsession..SF9!

This rookie group is making girls all over go crazy...And I could not help but to join in!!

well.. I had joined in a while ago since SF9 was Neozschool and when they were on the drama "click my heart" and the show D.O.B.. after what seamed forever they finally made the debut with "Fanfare" and honestly.. I'm obssed!!!

All the boys are soo amazing! very talented and soo cute and just a delight to watch and be around. .. yes.. I have followed them so much... even on music bank me and my friend were there from 9:30 am till 8:00pm to see them perform, come and leave! I told you I'm obssed! lol anyways.. this is my new collection for sf9 I hope you guys follow! and for more current updates on them please follow my instagram where I'll be posting way more about them! thank you! @insta : miichiinkorea

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