Throwback Challenge: Loco Edition

Hey it's your girl AhYoung, back with a new card.@royalpandajedi has tagged me in a challenge of creating a Throwback Card for Loco of AOMG. Now I can clearly say that this is a challenge as I know almost nothing about this rapper. Though there are a few things that I do know.

I'm sure everyone knows about Show Me the Money. It is a show that started in 2012 and is dubbed the Korean 'American Idol'. Our underrated rapper Loco, was the winner of the show's first season, bringing light to his dark world. However before all of that Loco was actually a victim of a fake contract and a bogus company. As you can see, he was able to get past that and become the amazing rapper we see today.

Another thing I know about Loco is that he's a total dork. A cute one, but a dork none the less. I mean seriously. Have you seen him on SNL KOREA?

Reis-unni I know it's late but I still want you to see it so I'm posting it anyways. Hope you like it.

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