Let's Start From The Beginning

Things this article is going to cover:

-how to start the story

-doing outlines

-character Bios

-skipping chapters

-Re edits

The first thing you're going to need when starting a story is inspiration. You will get if from the craziest of places. I've once gotten inspiration from taking my dog outside, and seeing ants on the ground. As writers we take the little things we notice, and become fascinated with, and open a whole new world of possibilities for stories. It helps to be a curious person. It also helps to want to act on your curiosities.

Outlines are a great way to organize the things you are curious about. I've heard a lot of writers say that they don't like doing outlines, because it 'restrains' the creativity of the story. Which is just not to true at all. They're very helpful at making it to where you can organize what are some basic plot points that you want to happen. Such as making plans for what you're going to do today. You might go off course, and end up with a totally different day than you had planned, but just having a recording of what the past you was thinking when they thought of this story, can help immensely with staying on track.

So what is an outline? Well outlines are when you write a list of events that are going to happen throughout the chapter (novel) , or story (short story). The can be as simple as:

Chapter 1:

Main character thinks he's a loser, and then discovers that he is the last of his kind from planet (whatever)

Chapter 2:

He finds out his weakness is glowing green rocks.

or as detailed to where you plan each second of the chapter.

Chapter one:

-Main character wakes up

-Gets ready

-Goes to school

-Embarrass herself in class.

-runs out the room crying

Another thing that helps with story writing is Bios. These are not for other people to see, but is strictly for your eyes, and your eyes only. I say this because you will not believe how many people put their Bios in the story they are writing. Please do not do that. Personally that drives me nuts. A Bio is describing you character, city, and/or relationships. You can be as summarized with a character in only explaining the physical properties, or going as so in depth as birthday, personality, and likes and dislikes

(if you message me your email I can send you a character sheet to use for the people who like to be extremely tedious with their character)

If not then i would answer the simple:




Reason for being in the story:


^^^ That should cover it if your just wanting a quick run through. Bios help with getting to know your characters more personally, and it's easier to write about someone you know then a stranger.

I never skip chapters, I'm too scared to honestly. I will write little side stories that let me know more about my characters past. They say it helps to write your ending though. I haven't tried it. I would probably write my ending in an outline, but never in the actual story. That would give me way to much anxiety, and my hands are shaking thinking about it.

I still recommend this, only because it does help you picture where you were even going with the ending. A lot of lazy writers ( like me) just don't want to have to write things that they know for a fact they're going to have to re write later, but for exercise wise. I'd say give it a shot and see what you come up with.

This gets me to are final topic, re-edits. You are never going to like your first draft. You are always going to hate it, and see so many opportunities for how it could be better . Which is why it has been taking me so long to write "The Day The World Became Dark."

I could have stopped it at the first drafts of the ten chapters I had originally and said " Fuck it." and moved on, but I can not turn in something I know is wrong, and there's nothing wrong with that. It just means you are continuing to grow as a writer.

With publishers you only get one opportunity to impress them. Make it count.

If you have any questions, complaints, or additions. Please leave them in the comments below, and i will be sure to answer all of them. Thank you for reading, and happy writing!

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