Got7 FF: JacksonxReaderxMark: The Decision

Okay everyone here is@StefaniTre one shot she requested. There will be a warning section before the smut happens because she asked for a little smut for her one shot she won from the guess the m/v by gif game. I hope you enjoy it. The smut section does not add or detract from the story.

It’s been months since I met them. The two friends from the same band at first I would see them together and hang out with. It was all just innocent fun at first. We would talk about music, watch movies, or just you know chill. But it started to gradually change. With their different schedules it would seem I would hang out with them individually. I don’t how it happened but it seems like I’m dating both. Each have qualities I admire and love. When did it get to this point of me standing in front of them, looking at me with pleading eyes to chose between them? My heart race increases as I look at both their faces. I’m hyperaware of my surroundings. I need to find an escape route. I just can’t just one without hurting the other. So I’ll chose to hurt all of us by escaping and leaving. My eyes dart around the room everywhere but the room is going in and out of focus. I feel light headed and dizzy, and the pounding of fear and trepidation builds, and the palpitations become faster. I bring hand up to my chest trying to relieve the pressure. I try to start to say something. “I...I…” I see Jackson trying to come near me and touch me and I lean away and I pass out.


I am stuck in this blackness and I want to talk but I know it is useless being a victim of my past panic and anxiety attacks is that I just need to wait it out until my brain and body comes to terms that I am fine. This really doesn’t mean I am not aware of my surroundings just that I can’t participate just yet. I hear their voices murmuring and their touches. One soothing, calm, and screams safe harbour to every fiber in my being. The other touch has my body on edge, and trying to shy away. I feel my body sway more into the calm and soothing embrace. I feel it snuggle deeper. “I guess her body and subconscious has already chosen, and she just hasn’t realized it yet.” “I’m sorry. I never knew you liked her as well. If I had known I would have backed off.” “What don’t worry about it. I could never hate you or her. I love you both you know that, but when did you two get so close hyung.” “Awe, well… I begin to stir. I open my eyes wide and I’m staring up into two perfect faces. My cheeks are inflamed once I realize I wrapped myself around Mark’s body like a koala. They both smile at me. I look at Jackson and I begin to tear up. “I’m so sorry.” “Y/n, no its okay, but just why not me?”

I look to Mark and hug him tighter for comfort and snuggle deeper into his side. I sigh and then I pull my arms away from him. I grab Jackson’s hand. “Our hands never really fit. See?” I laced our hands together. They fit but it wasn’t a perfect match. “Your touches make me nervous, it’s like your touches tell me not to trust you because you’ll leave one day and hurt me never really intending to hurt me. It was like every time we spent time together you were distracted and yet it was nice spending time with you. My time felt like I was spending it visiting my brother. Even when you kissed me I’d pull away. I started to make more excuses not to spend time alone with you anymore because I knew I couldn’t return your feelings but I didn’t want to hurt you. Then your schedule got so busy and I hardly got to see you anymore and I was sad because Jackson, you are my best friend and I was going through a really hard time." I am starting to tremble and my body's getting worked up. I take a calming breath and continue because I know I am probably destroying this lovely boy's heart. "One day Mark, he was missing you too and the both of us just wanted to hang out and think about you; our best friend. We started to get closer. You told us to spend more time with each other without you around. Then he was there when I needed someone to comfort me when my family life became overwhelming. He didn’t judge me like you. He just sat there, listened to me, let me cry, hugged me and his touch it feels like my safe harbour in this storm of calamity that is within my body. Jackson, I do love you just…” my breath hitches and I feel a sob and maybe even another panic attack coming on. I release his hand and bend over taking deep breaths in and out between my legs. I feel Mark’s hand rubbing soothing circles into my back. I see knees come into my vision and then I see Jackson’s face with a sad smile but he puts his hands to my cheeks and cups them and stares into my eyes “Y/n, we will always be friends. Do not worry. Be happy and make him, my brother happy. We will always be family.” He presses a kiss to my forehead. “I’ll see you and Mark later. I promise.” He releases my face from his hands and stands up. My anxiety starting to recede; I stand as well as I watch him walk out the door. Mark turns me around in his arms and places a kiss on my head. “Hi,” I squeak out. “Hi,” he smiles and hugs me tight. He soon lifts me up and carries me back to my bedroom where we lay down and cuddle. We fall asleep soon. Some hours later I wake up. I look up at his angelic face. I sit up and trace my finger down his face. Soon I replace my finger with my lips and trace his face with kisses which wakes him up and he lifts me up to sit on top of him. My hair fall forwards and encloses are faces. I look down at him where he is smirking back up at me.

His hands trace up my sides and under my shirt up to my breasts. He cups them and starts massaging them. I moan and lean forward more and as I grind against his clothed hard erection and he bites down on his lip. I start to grind on him just a little more and his hands come of my breasts and grabs my hips and holds me still for a moment. “Are you sure you are ready?” “I’ve been waiting months to call you mine Mark. Months of our kisses driving me crazy. I’m more than ready.” His hands go to the hem of my shirt and lifts it up over my head. Then they go to the back of my bra and unclasp it. He switches are positions. He grabs my hands and lift them over my head and very slowly started pressing kisses down my face down my neck. Trailing my collarbone then down to one breast. He licks and bites around my nipple and I gasp. His free hand traces down my side as he sucks, bites and kisses my breasts. His hand finds it way underneath the waistband of my pants and underwear. He slowly started rubbing my clit. I moan out even more and try to free my hands so I can press his head but he won’t release my hands. He kisses and bites his way down my stomach and looks up at me with a smirk. He releases my hands only to pull my pants and underwear down and off my legs. He then kisses and bites his way up to my womanhood. I gasp as I feel his breath at my entrance and I almost scream his name when I felt his lips and tongue lapping at my entrance. My hands find his hair and pull. He slowly starts rubbing my clit as his tongue dips in and out. He starts to increase his pace and I’m shortly screaming his name out. He licks up every last drop and then slowly comes up my body and kisses me. My arms lift his shirt up and he breaks the kiss to lift it over his head. Then my hand finds his pants and undoes the button and zipper. I go to push them down. He nods his head no. He pulls them down himself and slowly pushes me back as he crawls up my body and once again takes my hands and put them over my head. He guides himself between my legs and enters. He waits for me to adjust before he starts thrusting in slowly and looking me in the eyes. He captures my lips once more as he thrusts. He finds the perfect rhythm to drive me close to the edge and then slows down when I’m right about to come. I hook my legs round his waist urging him to go deeper. He picks up speed once more and he finally releases my hands and I grip the sheets and moan loudly when he hits the exact right spot. This urges him on and his thrusts become animalistic in speed.he presses his body further into me and my arms grab him closer and I bite his shoulder as i come and my nails scrape down his back. He hisses out but the pain somehow turns him on more and makes him go even faster and before I know it moans out his names as he cums.


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