Did Tiffany Get Totally Let Down by SM?

So I felt that Tiffany's comeback was really lackluster compared to the massive success that Taeyeon's had.

The song was a little boring, and I felt like her talent is her singing not her dancing - I don't know what SM was thinking.

These non-kpop fans compared Tiffany and Selena and they all said the same thing:

After watching "I Just Wanna Dance" the last thing I wanted to do was dance.

Do you guys think that Tiffany's comeback could have been better?

I think having Taeyeon come back so soon after Tiffany was a little...rude?...of SM. Taeyeon was clearly super successful, but cutting off Tiffany's time to promote so that Taeyeon could come back with Why seemed really odd.

You can see both of their first solo MVs here:

It was also embarrassing that Tiffany's comeback got about 5 million LESS VIEWS than Jessica's which came out at the exact same time.

Taeyeon also got 4 music videos (I, Rain, Why, and Starlight) whereas Tiffany got...1. And I feel like her songs were much better quality that Tiffany's. Even if she performed really well you can only do so much with a not-so-catchy song :/

Do you think SM did a bad job with Tiffany's comeback?

We know they play favorites a lot, but I think this was too obvious :(

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