History member Day: Dokyun

Hello my fellow Storias! Its Melissa, one of your History mod supporters. This week's member we are featuring today is the suave Dokyun.

Here are some basic facts about Dokyun -Real Name: Na Do Kyungil -Stage Name: Dokyun -Birthday : February 1, 1991 (25) -Position: Main Vocalist Height: 184cm (6ft) Weight: 65kg (143lbs) Blood Type : O Birthplace: Daejeon, South Korea Nickname : Na Pokki Hobbies: Playing football Former Name: NaYul Former Band group : Buzz Korean pop rock


Some of my favorite images of Dokyun.

Dokyun solo song "Fly High" from History latest mini album HIM. Here are couple of videos of it One is audio and the second Dokyun is singing it on a radio program. Well that's all for History Member Sunday. You got to stay tune for the next part of it. Sihyoung is the next member up.

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