Suho Imagine (18+)

(( Once you open the door, Suho immediately grabs your waist and pushes his way inside, using his feet to close the door. You let out a small gasp but let yourself be maneuvered. "Up" He says as he travels his hands down the back of your thighs. Getting the hint you secure your arms around his neck and he lifts you up, legs wrapping tightly around his lower abdomen. Right after you wrap yourself around him, Suho immediately pushes you against the wall and grinds his lower region against you, meanwhile leaving wet, sloppy kisses up your neck. You can feel his hot breaths hitting your ear, lips almost grazing against it and he whispers in a growly voice, "fuck, baby girl, you don't know what you do to me."

I apologize for this bad and failed attempt at.. the slight smut? - Mogu

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