Anime Mondays:Top ten anime monsters

What is happening vingle people@SimplyAwkward here! Since its almost a few days before Halloween I decided to show you a video of the Top ten Anime monsters from the youtube channel Anime America now let's get started! Media Monsters Squad CEO:@amobts Media Monsters Team:@MadAndrea  @KokoroNoTakara @Helixx @Thekreviewer@nimm14 Monster Bloggers:@PrettieeEmm@SimplyAwkward@BBxGD@CynthiaForeman@VeronicaArtino

Notice: None of the video, images or gifs belongs to media monsters credits to the official owners

note: this is not my opinion of the list but their own


Well that is it for today's card, did your favorite monster get on the list, did some of the animes piqued your interest for Halloween binge watching? Tune in for more awesome content from the Media Monsters!

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