Teen Top CAP - Intro.

Hello friends!!! So as many of you know my sister is self proclaimed mod of Teen Top! So I have been put in charge of CAP Sundays! (Yes I know I'm late....)

Anyway I want to be up front. I know very little about Teen Top so my cards will basically be an exploration of a new fan getting to know a new group. So if you're new to Teen Top too my cards will be perfect for you!!

So some quick info about me before I introduce you to the cutie that is pictured above.

-I'm a 90 liner

-As of right now I don't have a bias in Teen Top but I have a feeling it will be CAP.....I have a type.......

-Sleep is my all time favorite thing in the world. It ranks as all three of my top three favorite things....

-I am a book nerd, video game nerd and obviously a kpop nerd as well...basically a huge nerd and perfectly proud of it

I've run out of things to tell you guys about myself....I feel like I should say I like long walks on the beach and blah blah blah but I don't like long walks on the beach......

Anyway onto the real reason you're looking at this card!!!

Master and Commander of the Boat of Bias
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Love Love LOVE

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