Yixing's Solo Album Release + New MV Teaser!

So yes Lay's teaser for his new MV 'Lose Control' is out and honestly words cannot describe how ready I am for this album release!

If you haven't checked out the teaser ^^

(It sounds like another slow song like Monodrama and I already know I'm gonna cry)

This looks like it'll have a whole lot more 'story' to it than What U Need!

It looks like Yixing is a vampire (WHICH IS SEXY AF!!!!)

You see in the teaser him chasing a girl which leads me to believe that he's obsessed with her and is maybe afraid of


I can't really say much since this is just a teaser so I'll have to wait for the MV aka My death aka Kill Me Now.

His first album 'Lose Control' will be released Korean Time, October 28th! Its a mini-album and will consist of 6 Chinese tracks. Alll written, composed, and arranged by Lay himself!!


I'm so excited for his solo debut and his album~ Please make sure to show your love for our hard-working unicorn! Overdose Mod and Mod Squad@Tigerlily84 and@AimeeH@SugaKookieV@ESwee@twistedPuppy@AaliyahNewbell TAGGING THE OVERDOSE SQUAD!!! You can join the squad if you would also like to be updated on everything EXO ^.^ @Starbell808@KellyOConnor@fallchild@ShinoYuki@annevictoriaaa@ScarletMermaid@koinii@YailinTejeda@tiffany1922@LizHolder@HikariAkuhei@SimplyAwkward@CrystalV@cennajp@kpoplover492@MrsJungHoseok@KarenGuerra93@Defy24601@1kpop@JeniseRamos@JessicaEvaristo@AlexAckerman@Starbell808@Sammyjuicoooo@ESwee@LeannePratt@hammin747@Kpossible4250@JohnEvans@ZionPerezFlower@selfishmachines@IsoldaPazo@Yongsomi@ChauncyVSutton@TabithaRose@Sukii@BetseyBleau@dragoncrisis@sherrysahar@awkwardjazzy@Tigerlily84@MadAndrea@MelissaGarza@AmberRelynn@LaurenStrayhorn@OhSehunnie@DesireeChucklez@AubriePope@LiAiko13@BaBook@dyotella@EXOAsF@AdriannaFletc@chowchowneko@xeroxerox@zhac16@NasiaWright@Xoxojessica12@ruthmilian89@ExoPlanetGirl@LovelyHana17@ZwankimaWalker@MelinaHernandez@thedopeshow1994@elainarenea@Momina427@ruthmilian89@thatphamily@aelitasrones123@misakiroing@Shadyllamas@mraax2018@Rosa420@ashleyemmert@zzzdonk@VKookie47@ot12exodus02@Kyokeo@sanazsanaz@StarFlores54975@iingraham@AngelLee22@senia@MeghanJorgina@Fangirl@awoods045@CadetRed@EuphemiaStadtfe@ShequilleArmsby@CrazyMaknae14@twistedPuppy@jungkooknovieka@OmarConan@jeanethea@mohammedgamal@DeepakArya@QueenLele@EvilGenius@elizabeth1234@briannasj17@Shadyllamas@midnighter12@sherifshivo@BcsMarianna@kimnam94

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