Midnight Moonlight (Exo Halloween Oneshot)

Hey its Jarvia and this is my second entry for the Halloween oneshot contest. I hope you all enjoy. ^_^ Word count: 857

A wind howled through the night, a girl in a white night gown walking along the side of the road. Her feet were bare, her jet black hair covered her face. She was exhausted from the dreams she been having. The dreams that have haunted her for some reason. When they started, her family thought she was crazy and made her see a psychologist. But that wasn't the case. Her dreams of wolves running through the woods chasing after the moonlight. Howling at the moon. A ritual where there was blood on the ground. The girl tripped over her right foot. Falling down to the ground, her white gown was now cover in mud and a little bit of blood but mostly mud. She got mud on her hands as she picked herself up. She smeared it on her night gown and moved her hair out of her face but only leaving smears of mud in her hair and on her face. She heard an howl of a wolf. Freezing in her spot she slowly turned around to see pair of red eyes as it took one step forward. He bared his teeth and gave a low growl. She took small steps back with tears running down her face and a sob stuck in her throat. She couldn't believe that she was living in her dream. Turning to run, seemed to be in slow motion as they chased after her. She gave small pants as she was running into the woods. Her hands out to make sure no tree branch would hit her in the face. She ran for her life but only to stop when there was a cliff, making her at a dead end. The nine wolves surrounded her, growling and showing teeth. She step back and looked down at the pitch black ocean that was crushing into the rocks. A medium size rock slipped out of its place and fell down into the ocean. The girl cried as she looked between the cliff and the wolves. A black wolf crouch down close to the floor and started to transform into a human. The sound of bones moving around felt like it was hurting but the wolf showed no signs of being in pain. "Don't!!!" The man said. His body was naked from head to toe. The girl only looked at him in the eyes, trying to restrain herself from looking at anywhere else. "You jump then, I'll have to go after you." He took a step closer. The girl took another step back, only to realize that she was at the edge now. "I'll jump if you come any closer." She told him as he held out his hand in a open plam. "Don't move. We won't hurt you" he told the girl. She looked at him, studying him and his slow movements. There was a gold chain around his next with a pendent of an E X O shined in the moonlight. The girl stood still as the guy was able to get her by the waist. "No!!! Let me go!!!" She screamed while struggling to get out of his grip. He was able to get to her pressure point and let her pass out. He picked up her limped body in his arms and ran into the woods with the other wolves. ******* The wolves tied her to a tree, dressed in another white gown that hugged her body well. They circled around her, waiting for the time to arrive. The girl opened her eyes to see the leader wolf kneeling infront of her. "Oh goddess of the moon we give you the sacrifice of life." The leader said to the sky. There was an alter with goblets and candles. The ritual that the girl dreamed of millions times before. The leader picked up a knife and cut the rope that was around the girl. It fell to the ground and he rised to his feet where he held out his hand for her. "Come our goddess awaits for us." He said. The girl shook her head but couldn't help but take the leader wolf hand. He led her to the alter and faced her to him. "I a wolf of the goddess will cherish thy" he said taking the knife in his right hand and cut open his left hand. He took the girls right hand to cut it open, the same way he did his. Their blood dripped on the ground and into an old gothic wine glass. He took a sip and passed it around the wovles were it came back to her. He held the glass infront of her face and she took a sip of the metallic taste that was laced with sweetness. A chant came from his mouth as the ground glowed a blue color and shook, the moonlight shined bright on them. The wolves were evolving into human beings. The scenery was breathless as she looked at all the male humans kneeling on the ground. She looked towards the leader and he too was kneeling on the ground. "We are here to serve you, our queen"

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