His scent part 6

Guys.. I'm sorry for not being able to post yesterday's fanfic... My aunt died and it was totally unexpected. I was an emotional wreck and uh.. I don't want to think about it again. No one was expecting it. She lives in Korea and we had some emergency situations. My grandma almost fainted and had really high blood pressure. My mom quickly went to Korea to see my aunt's last moments. I had to stay in America to be with my grandma. I would really appreciate it if you guy understood my conditions right now. My stories might be a little shorter than usual, but please bear with me.. Sorry again for my absence.

I came out of the hospital and the first thing I did was date. Dating Jungkook. We walked through the places we used to go almost everyday. The tteokbokki shop, market, and our little meeting place. That place was made just for us. I haven't gone since we broke up but, I had a feeling it would be the same. As we opened the old creaking door, We were back to our enchanted place. 'JK❤️Y/n' was hung on the wall, our pictures and lights stacked with dust. We were both quiet. It was a nice silence. Maybe even a time to rethink our past. Jungkook broke the silence, "I can't believe everything is still there." I nodded smiling, "I forgot about this place." "I missed this..." He blew off the dust from the pictures, revealing each and every one of our smiling faces. "Y/n-ah... We should clean up this place." I followed his lead. We brought mops and brooms and wet rags. Quickly we finished it up. Definitely a tumblr worthy place. "Ah~ This is nice." We set down blankets and pillow by the window and laid down. I leaned against his chest. "You know... this whole situation is like a dream to me." You told him this and he kissed your forehead. "Me too jagi." "JAGI?" His eyes got wide. "..I've always wanted to say that..." I smiled. "It's okay, it's just I wasn't used to it." "So can I call you that?" "Sure!" "Hee hee.. jagiya~" I giggled at his cuteness. "Your cuteness is still the same Jungkook." He hugged me closer. "y/n-ah... I really missed you. You know that right?" "Of course. I missed you too." He breathed into my hair, "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you at the hardest times." I bitter sweetly smiled. "It's okay. I mean.. it's in the past and you're going to be with me from now on." He nodded quickly, "Always." We were happy. Just looking at his face made me smile. Dreamy eyes, lovely nose, a cute bunny smile, and I found out there was a new feature to him. ABS. Making me think about it just gives me that perverted smile... (TMI) We fell asleep to this lovely vintage atmosphere. When I woke up I wasn't able to see his presence next to me. I opened my eyes surprised and saw him. He was resting his head on his two hands staring at me. Eye to eye. "Jungkookah-" "Nope! You have to say Jagi." I smiled. "Okay JAGI. You surprised me. I thought you left." "Why would I leave a beautiful women sleeping alone?" I laughed at his witty comments. "You're so beautiful. Everything about you y/n." I felt my cheeks start to heat up. I fanned myself and said to him, "Stop. You're making me blush." He shrugged, "I'm just stating the truth." I jokingly hit him on the arm. A question popped up from my head. "How did you find me?" "Huh?" "You know.. when I almost got raped." "Oh.. well.." Jungkook's P.O.V. I was just walking by y/n's house to see if she still lived there. But when I saw that no one was there I just walked to the corner. Dim lights, trash cans, wind... it wasn't a nice place to walk through. That's when I heard a scream. I quickly turned my head where the sound was coming. A van just zoomed through my eyes. Gladly, it didn't go far. It went to a nearby motel. Seeing that the motel was really close to the place the scream came from, the guy was real desperate. I couldn't just let it slide. Some women was going to be raped and I was going to be responsible as the witness. The faggot took out the woman and I found her strangely familiar. Y/n. I couldn't believe it. I flipped my hood on. He carried y/n to the motel and I secretively followed him. I asked the lady in the counter what their room number was. She said she wouldn't tell me because of 'customer satisfactory.' "I'm telling you, you can't get there room number." "Why not?" "It's their privacy, and the girl looked knocked out and they looked like a couple. They're probably going to have some quality time together. Leave them alone." "No I'm not going to leave them alone! She.. she.. she's my GIRLFRIEND!" "HUH?" "Yeah! She uh.. she said she was going to meet a friend. So, I decided to have some plans with some of my friends. But that's when I saw that bastard carry her here." "You should've told me sooner!" She gave me the key and I walked right infront of the room. Deep breath. I kicked the door open and saw her, crying trying to get the faggot off of her. Handcuffs, bleeding head. It was horrible. Out of anger my hands automatically went into fists and I flew in. That's how I saved y/n. After telling her this she looked at me in the eyes sincerely. "I was so scared. The moment you came in, I thought you were just part of my imagination. All I wanted was to get out and miraculously you were there." I nodded. "Thank you Jungkook. I mean jagi." I smiled at the cute mistake. "Y/n-ah... I currently don't have a house." "Obviously." "So.. uh.. can I move in to your house?" She looked at me with blank eyes. Then she smiled weirdly. After that she covered her mouth and cleared her throat. And her mouth moved up and down trying to hide something. What are these new facial expressions? Y/n's P.O.V. Us two? Under the same roof? That doesn't sound safe. Imaginations started to flash across my head. 'Gosh I have a dirty mind.' I tried to hide my dirty little smirk. He looked at me like I was crazy. "Sure. Welcome roommate." I reached my hand out for a shake. "Thank you roommate." He gladly shook my hand. This is going to be a new adventure.

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