Danger Pt 45


"Did you throw food into the cone?" "Eliza that's rude to do to someone else's dog." "But, but it be hilarious. " Eliza said giggling. "I'm not saying it wouldn't be hilarious it would be so funny but, geez that poor dog with the cone of shame." "Haha yeah...we need a cone of shame for..." "Don't even say it! We can't put a cone on any of them." Belle said stopping Eliza. "Oh why not?" "Ok geez I feel bad now, how about this well get a cone of shame and put it on me." "What did I just walk in on?" Yoongi said causing the girls to giggle. "Yeah Belle please explain." Eliza said laughing. "Ok so put the cone of shame on me, and then you toss food at me and we see how much I catch in my mouth." "Oh that'll be messy." Yoongi said "Yea, it could be but.....then again it would just be my face and neck that's all messy. I'd have snacks for a long time." Belle giggled. "Oh please say we can do this." Eliza said jumping up and down. "Ha maybe...Well I'm going to go I have to go film a tutorial." Belle said and ran out of the room. "What's up with her? She left real fast." Eliza said. "I don't know, but I'll go check on her." Yoongi said and walked out of the room. "Hey Yoongi." "Hey Hoseok did you see where Belle went?" "She went that way." Hoseok pointed behind him. "Thanks!" Yoongi was off and Hoseok walked into the room Eliza was in. Yoongi caught up to Belle quickly and grabbed her hand. "Yoongi what are you doing?" Belle asked looking around. "What am I not allowed to see you?" He smirked. "No, it's fine....we are friends.." Belle looked down at there hands and got fidgety. "What's wrong with you?" He asked. "Nothing, I swear I'm fine, I'm just busy." She tried to take her hand away. "Why are you acting so strange after that night?" "Shh Yoongi." She said cover his mouth with her hand. He pulled her hand away. "No, I kissed you, you kissed back, we spent the night together and talked." "Yeah, we talked." "Nothing bad happened." He said and pulled at her hand to have her look at him. "Yoongi...just...stop ok." Belle said and tried to back away. "No, not till you explain why you are being like this." "Yoongi let her go she obviously doesn't want to talk about it now." They both turned to see Namjoon. Yoongi dropped her hand and backed away. "Fine." He turned and left. "Thank you Joonie." Belle smiled at him "Why do you look like you are about to cry?" He asked "Im...not..." "Yes you are." With that said Namjoon pulled her into a hug. "I'm so confused." She started crying into his chest. "About?" "Who I like, and I know I'm not suppose to like anyone but I can't help it." "You know it's never easy falling for someone especially if there is that thought that you aren't allowed to like that person." "Do you like Yoongi?" He whispered next to her ear so Noone else could hear. "I think so but I like several others too, so I can't be too upset with what he said to me." "So Yoongi wasn't the one that's all, maybe one of the other guys you like, likes you back." He somehow had a way with words that calmed her down. "Thank you Joonie!" She said and kissed his cheek. "I'm always here if you need to talk." "Ok now I really need to go to film the tutorial. " She said and let go of Namjoon. "Ok, see you later." He said and walked away. After an hour Eliza walked into the room. "Hey we are going to a corn maze now so you can stop this and take a break." "No I'm fine." "Belle if the guys are taking a break so can you." "They never get breaks it's good for them, me on the other hand I always have breaks. They don't need me until there concerts start up." "Belle who cares they want to spend time with us." "Go spend time with them, I'm sure all of them will just love you by the end of the night." Belle snapped. "Belle what's wrong with you?" "Why is it that every guy I like doesn't like me but likes you?" Belle finally turned to her friend. "Belle it's not like I like them back." "Yea Eliza what about now, I'm in the same situation I was years ago, but this time I didn't confess because he confessed his feelings for you." "Who did?" Eliza asked "I can't tell you, but I will tell you this, I bet all of those guys like you better than me, I'm an easy target to mess with but your the prize they are all after." Belle snapped and walked over to the music and hit play to drown out Eliza. Eliza was shocked and walked out of the room. "Is she coming?" He asked. "No, I think we just had a fight." Eliza said. "I'll go talk to her." He said and walked into the room. When he walked in he saw Belle sitting on the ground with her head on her knees and she was hugging her legs. He figured she was crying because the way her back was moving.

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