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Word count: 1274


“Ha ha, that’s a funny one,” She replies thinking that I was playing a prank on her like I’ve done so many times before. She didn’t sound very enthused about it either. “Mary, this isn’t a joke…” “What?!” She sounded excited yet confused. “Wait, which one?” “Guess…” I teased. “Come on just tell me!” She whined through the phone. “Okay…Yoongi,” I stated giving up on my fun. “Oh my God, and you’re no joking?” She asked again trying to reassure that I wasn’t lying. I couldn’t help, but to laugh when she had said that. “I’m being serious,” I replied to her. “How did this all happen? I mean you’ve been there for what five hours? How did you manage that?” “Well,” I began to tell her how everything happened with may be some minor details, like how I was feeling during the whole thing included. “Oh my God, that’s crazy!” she exclaimed.

“Speaking of good news, I have some to tell as well…I got a job offer…” “And what is it?” “English teacher in Korea,” She answers. “So you can come and visit me and we can hang out? Did you except the job?” " what do you think? Of Course, I will come and visit you almost every day if you will have me." "You're going to love it here! Who are you going to teach English to?" "You will be surprised when I tell you..." “Hold on you’re not telling me that…”

“Yep, I will be teaching BTS English. I will be coming there in a few weeks,” She practically was screaming on the other end of the phone. Her cute display of fangirling made me laugh. “That’s great that means we will be working together. Oh, my God, we are finally working together,” I said imagining how things will be when she comes. “I know, this beats teaching Freshman High School students in America. You have no idea what they do to substitutes now days.” “Is it that bad?” I asked. “You think we were bad to our subs… Just wait until I tell you some of the stories…” “Ha, Ha, yeah, I bet they are pretty bad,” I replied. “Hey, I’m going to let you go. I got to get some pain relievers.” “Dang, how bad are you feeling right now?” “I can’t feel my legs and every one of my muscles hurt when I move them,” I sighed trying to play off how tired I was. “Dang, Girl, I bet you fangirled inside so many times.” “I was a bit busy to do that,” I replied jokingly. “Ha Ha, Okay, well I’ll talk to you later…” I could hear the busy streets of Houston in the background after she responded.

“Alrighty, bye,” This made me a little home sick. “Bye.” ‘Why did my mood change so quickly? I mean home was great, but was in Korea working for an Entertainment company. I can’t have both, but I wish I could. Suddenly, I got a text on my phone…

‘How are you? I didn’t go too hard on you, did I?’… It was labeled as Suga-Lips.

‘Do you know what’s funny?... I don’t remember putting your number in my phone…’

‘You don’t remember? Well, maybe it was a ghost?’

‘Well, this ghost has a weird sense of humor… Yes, I’m fine. I was just about start working on some ideas to propose to the marketing group on Thursday… how are you?’ I was starting to get really confused about his intentions with me. ‘I’m good. I was texting you to warn you that you might get a call in a few minutes…’ ‘What do you mean? From who?’ A few seconds later my translator texted me ‘Hello, this is Mr. Kim… I was texting you on behalf of BTS. One of the members would like to get your number, and I was wondering if you mind if I gave it to him?’ I sighed. “What now?” ‘Sure,’ I replied as I tried to carefully get up to stand. ‘Thanks for the heads up,’ I sent to Suga as I picked out my clothes I got my white t-shirt on before I got a call from an unknown number. I quickly changed Suga’s name in my phone to ‘bubble butt’ for safety reasons.

“Hello,” I held my phone to my ear waiting to see who it was exactly. “Hi, Mrs. Smith, this is Jin. I hope I’m not interrupting you on your Saturday off.” ‘Wow, so polite,’ I thought. “Not at all, what can I help you with?” I could hear the boys in the back-ground having a loud conversation. “We were wondering if you would like to join us for breakfast?” “I don’t want to intrude,” I was afraid. I didn’t know if I could handle having seven of my favorite idols in the same room as me, plus the one I just happened to sleep with. “No, we insist. It could probably help understand us as a group when it comes to marketing us.” ‘Oh, God, He’s good. I have no excuse now.’ I wanted to scream in a pillow. “Okay, Sure, what time?” “Now?” He said with a little chuckle. “Alright, tell me where to go and I will be there in a few minutes,” I replied seriously. ‘This is going to be strictly business. That’s the only way to keep myself from fangirling right now.’ I thought to myself.

I threw on a pair black skinny jeans, a pair of red converse before putting a little eyeliner and some mascara. I took the elevator up a couple of levels and went to the number on the door that he told me to go to. I hesitated right before I knocked on the door. I had to be a professional as possible or I was going to lose it in front of them all. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Jin opened the door to greet me and as he opened the door wider and I most of the guys were already sitting at the table waiting for everyone. I saw that V, Jimin and Suga were still missing. “Come on in…” Jin said and I plastered a smile over my ‘Oh, shit what have I gotten myself into?’ Look. I walked in and took off my shoes at the door, the one thing that I have had to get accustom to when I came to Korea. “How did you sleep?” Jin asked before we had gotten to close to the guys. “Like a baby,” I smiled. “I’m glad, we know how hard it is sometimes when you have to adjust to a sleeping schedule in a different country.” “Yeah, I bet that gets pretty hard since you move from place to place quickly when you guys are on tour,” I replied.

The guys stopped chatting when I walked up. “Everyone introduce themselves,” Namjoon said in kind of a fatherly commanding tone. J-hope was the first to stand up. “I’m Hoseok, but you can call me J-Hope,” he said just as excitedly as I expected of him. I shook his hand in response. “Nice to meet you.” “I’m Jungkook,” he said quietly. “Nice to meet you.” “I’m Namjoon,” He said kind of in a daze state. “Nice to meet you.” “And I’m Jin, of course. The others should be down in a few minutes.” “Well, it’s nice to meet you in person,” I said in Jin. “Hey guys, what’s for breakfast? It smells great!” I looked away from Jin and Jimin was standing in just his boxers in the door way.

(Well... I don't know what to say about that. Lol. See what happens next in Part 4)

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