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Park Shin Hye Lee ' heirs ' script reading, four hours a passionate 'expectations bloom ' Korea Economic TV | 2013.09.05 8:34 a.m. Actor Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye photo was released of the scenarios leading site . 9 days to be broadcast next month SBS drama ' crown who want to write , to withstand the weight of La- heirs "( a play gimeunsuk River sinhyo direction) of the actors and crew gathered in one place for the first time . Last month, five days tanhyeon SBS drama production center in script practice rehearsal took place in the Crystal Park Shin Hye Lee gangminhyeok gimwoobin gimjiwon choejinhyeok imjueun jeonsujin bakhyeongsik river sky gimseongryeong Mi - Kyung Choi, Won - Young SD Rats seoyisuk yunsonha bakjungeum starring actors such as Everybody . PD is also attending gimeunsuk sinhyo fine writer and river actors and the direction of focused breathing . After reading the script and direct the actors to share your comments about the character as displayed confidence in the cast , and it was crying out for fighting with . These scenarios practice for over four hours , despite signs of tiring in the script without a commitment, the smoke seemed to actually read the script , vivid and gamyeo ' heirs ' revealed the extraordinary affection . Above all, Lee Min Ho Park Shin Hye as young protagonist gangminhyeok crystal gimwoobin gimjiwon tailored to the precise role of each character a thorough analysis and preparation of the site was Dalgu hot . Even reading the script in charge at the station will be seen laid out exactly the look that is possessed . Lee in the Imperial Group heirs completely melted gimtan favorite look, Park Shin Hye and poor living heirs fiercely delicious tea reminds expressed a silver medal . Gangminhyeok the soft nature of the crystal yunchanyoung and bouncing the mega entertainment heirs yibona 've shown exactly the sound reminds gimwoobin full of motivation and a positive attitude as well as gimjiwon each heir choeyoungdo welcome Resort and Crystal Hotel heir oil spread Rachel's look Choejinhyeok imjueun gimseongryeong Mi - Kyung Choi, Won - Young SD Rats seoyisuk yunsonha bakjungeum jeongdonghwan such as ' heirs lines' leading veteran actor , not simply to read the script , I realize that I look forward closely to feelings actually seem to shoot showcasing the smoke was enthusiastic Hot concentration and especially the actors in realistic scenarios bakjingam of expression continued to practice . When I would come to you or pleasant scene Together with focused eyes while clapping each other on poksotan teotteurineunga , the recess having a chat with one another , sharing personnel were friendly atmosphere , etc Publisher Tues aendam Pictures said that " a solid script and configuration , as well as the actors who attended the production team can not take my eyes made up for the first time together , despite regains breath expecting to deliver more expressive and emotional state showed perfect . Already " heirs " is a big topic , so as to further work on exercises that you want to create the best work of the actors clearly revealed a passion . place Meanwhile, the top 1 % of the Republic of Korea heirs heirs extremely poor , plain and realistic heroine grab hold around the sweet and exciting jwachungwoodol Romance ' crown who want to write , to withstand the weight of La- heirs " is the first episode on the 9th of next month . ( photo: Tues aendam pictures ) Korea Economic TV .... Cr to #Xtine

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