What Genre Is This?

What is this going to cover?

-What is genre

-How do I know what Genre I am writing?

-Why is this important to know?

Genre is typically the kind of story you're writing. Such as Romance, Mystery, Thriller, etc. It's really something that you need to know for things like. "What is my book going to be marketed at?" It can also help the reader with figuring where the story itself is going, and what is to be expected. I've heard a girl say in my writing class. "The Genre is whatever the writer wants it to be." That is completely ridiculous.

If i right a romance that doesn't mainly focus on relationship, but because there are those slight hints that there is one there i think that I am writing a romance. No, that's not how this works. Someone is going to read that and say. "This sounds more like a mystery, or fantasy novel." You're book can actual go down in " writing skill" , because the story is not in the right category. If you write a romance. (i keep using romance as my example because it's easy to pick on.) , and all the people who read romances read it, and say. "This is terrible. This is has nothing to do with romance." Your book goes down in credibility.

romances focus more on relationships. Fantasy focuses more on things like, magic, powers, and the unknown. Thrillers focus more on High climactic events. You have to make sure you know how to categorized what you're focusing on in this story. Thankfully, there are things like editors that can help GUIDE you to what they feel your story should be categorized as.

Though there are editors to help you. You should not always rely on editors to help you. Read more articles, and remember that the calling for your story is will come as you're writing, and it might totally re shape your story. It will be the simple title you put down when you're feeling out the sheet of 'What is this story about?'

If you need help with getting an opinion you can message me a description of your story and I can try to place it from that, or at least tell you what that makes me think of.

As always, happy writing.

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