Stay part 10

2 years later... You had SeokJin's ring and yours on a necklace. Probably something you'll never forget. It was hard to get rid of the memories you had with him. He left you such nice memories.. It was painful. His smile, the crescent-moon shaped eyes that made your heart flutter.. Those lovable features weren't there. But you went through it. Imagining he was always by your side. It was a normal day. You walked to starbucks and ordered a hot green tea latte. And as you waited for the drink to come out, someone walked in. A familiar stance. You didn't know why, but that man made you tear up. He turned around and you gasped. 'Seok Jin?' The man and SeokJin looked identical. No way. No way. It couldn't be him. You tried to calm yourself down and walked over to him bravely. "Uh.. Hi.. Can I know your name?" He looked a little flustered but still answered. "My name is Jin." "SeokJin?" "No. Just Jin." "Oh.. sorry..You look like someone I knew really well." He smiled. That moment made you instantly shiver and you got goosebumps all over. You couldn't believe it. It was almost like SeokJin resurrected or reincarnated. How were they so identical? You turned around and he grabbed your shoulder. "Would you mind if I joined you?" You nodded. "You can sit with me." The barista called your name. "Green tea latte for ms.y/n!" You turned to Jin, "Be right back." Jin muttered your name. "y/n...y/n..." You two sat down almost examining eachother. His facial features, style, height. It was identical. He examined you also. Jin notice your rings sparkle in the light. 'Married?' He thought inside his head. He also noticed that your eyes were filled with tears and it was on the merge of falling out. He knew you weren't just trying to get his attention and rip his money off. You had a story for yourself. "So.. Are you married?" "Huh? Oh.." You looked down at the ring and you blinked your tears out. Quickly wiping your tears you answered, "I got proposed on the day he died." Jin jumped a little at the shocking reply. "I'm sorry." You clenched your teeth and brightened up. "It's fine. I just.. you.. you really look like him. A lot." "Oh.." You showed Jin a picture. He was surprised at the similarities also. "Wow.. you must've been surprised." "Yeah.. You guys aren't similar, you two are almost identical." He nodded. "I'm sorry I brought this up.. I should be going now." You got up. Jin had a weird tingling sensation that he shouldn't let you go. Something about you made him want to be with you. "I'll take you home." "No it's fi-" "No, I want to." You sighed, and smiled. Jin started to feel some kind of connection. You two walked and talked about each other. Finally arriving infront of your house, you told him, "You should go now... It's getting late." "Uh.. before I let you go, can I ask you something?" you nodded, "sure." "I might sound crazy, but hear me out." It was funny. He said the same things as Seok Jin when he first confessed to you. A memory flashed through your head. (SeokJin)'This might sound crazy, but please listen to me.' You answered Jin, "Yeah, what is it?" Jin breathed out a deep sigh. "Something about you makes me feel different." (SeokJin)'You make me feel different.' "We literally just met, but.. I feel something really different from you. Like some kind of connection." (SeokJin) 'I feel like we have a connection between us.' "So.. can we..uh.. maybe get to know eachother?" (SeokJin) 'I want to get to know you better.' I smiled. It wasn't just their appearance. Even their personalities were the same. You suddenly thought, 'He should be like SeokJin oppa...' You answered with determination "Sure. It would be nice." SeokJin and Jin. They were really similar. No, identical. "But promise me one thing." You paused. "Stay with me till the end." A new journey has started.

I'll be posting a new Jin fanfic, and I need your help. Should it be a fluff? Or angst? And should I add some smut in?

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