Two Days in One!

Yesterday was a crazy ride of me driving everywhere to try and find a job, so doing a challenge card was the last thing on my mind sorry xD but today I will answer both my favorite underrated group and my top 3 Kpop songs, which will actually be my top 3 Vixx songs because I can't choose from all of Kpop

So to start off I'll share who my favorite underrated group is, they are still a newbie group which is why I believe they aren't popular yet, but they have great potential in my eyes to do amazing! 💙


KNK is absolutely amazing, and the chemistry between each of the members is absolutely unbelievable. It's like one big bromance of a group lol My bias in the group is Ji Hun I believe, I have a really hard time because him, Inseong and Hee Jun really love to attack me so that may or may not be subject to change. Let's just consider all three of them my #1. You Jin and Seung Jun are just as amazing though 💙

As for their music, their debut song Knock is still my favorite from them but the rest of their music is so awesome as well ^-^

And now onto my favorite 3 Vixx songs. I'll start with #3 and work my way up to #1.


Beautiful Liar


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Hi everyone, my name is Courtney, and I'm a huge fan of Vixx with my ultimate bias being Leo. My top 6 groups are Vixx, Bts, Bigbang, Ft. Island, Got7, and Exo. After those 6 I lose track of how to arrange groups because I love way too many to decide. I make it a point to listen to all groups and discover all the underrated groups I can, both for guy and girl groups 💙 As for girl groups, I have trouble trying to choose my favorite, but some of the ones I pay attention to most often would be 2ne1, EXID, and AoA
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