Queen (History Halloween Oneshot)

Hey guys!!! Its Jarvia here with my third entry to the Halloween Oneshot. I hope you enjoy. You can also read my other Halloween Oneshots: Voodoo Dolls (Vixx): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1826932?asrc=copylink Midnight Moonlight (Exo): https://www.vingle.net/posts/1828277?asrc=copylink There are going to be two versions of this oneshot because I tried really hard to keep this pg-13 or so. So if you want to read the second version. I'll be posting it sometime soon.

(Clean Version) I sat down at our table that was hidden in a dark corner of the club. The music was beating through my body as I watched my hyungs dance the night away with girls by their side. I took a drink of my coke and rum as I looked around the club and spotted a gorgeous girl dancing on a high platform. I was hypnotize by the way she swayed her hips to the music. She laced her fingers in her hair and showed a smile on her face. The club lights danced around her as she was having the time of her life. I shift my glaze towards my hyungs and they were waving me to come join them. I gulp the rest of my drink and made my way to them. "The maknae has join us!!" Kyungil hyung said as he held his lady friend against him. "Get loose Yijeong, we are here to have the time of our life." Dokyun whispered in my ear as he patted my shoulder and winked at me as him and his lady went off to who knows where. I looked up at the platform where the girl was still dancing at. I squeezed through grinding bodies. I smirked and put my game on as I climb up the platform. I tapped her shoulder. She turned to look at me with her violet purple contact stared at me. "May I have a dance?" I whispered to her. She smirked, fluttering her eyes and nod. I gently placed my hands on her waist as she turned her back towards me and swayed her hips. The room temperature raised higher. I was getting thristy from dancing. "Would you like a drink?" I made my voice husky as whispered in her ear, she nod. She wasn't the type to say much. Maybe because it was loud in the club. I held her hand, helping her down the platform and through the sweaty bodies. We got to the bar and I ordered for us. Waiting for our drinks, I looked for my hyungs. "Relax they are with my friends" a purring voice said in my ear. I turned to the voice only to be inches away from kissing her. Her violet contacts looked into my eyes as she smirked. She slowly placed her hands on my thighs and leaned in closer. "Such a pretty neck you have. A really nice vein too." her breath fanned the crook of my neck. Her tongue licked my vein, making me shiver. I could hear her give a light chuckle as she pulled back. "Come on lover boy, lets go somewhere quiet." She purred her words like a cat. She took my hand and led me up the stairs to a secret room. She opened the door and pushed me in the room. I landed on something bouncy and soft. It was a bed with black silk sheets. I gulped and watched her every move. She moved gracefully around the room, taking her sweet time. "How bad do you want me?" She pushed me farther on the bed and stradled me. Her finger traced my jawline and over my veins of my neck. "Bad." I moaned under my breathe. I could feel the excitement through my body as hers was pressed against me. She half smirked before licking her lips showing a sharp tooth that I didn't know was there. "Do you now?" Her hand trailed farther down my body and up my shirt to rub her soft hands across my abs. "Shall I give you my treat?" She purred seductive in my ear while giving it a little nip. My breathe hitched in my throat and gave a small grunt. I could feel her tongue back on my neck, sucking and biting while her hands and mine roam each body. I had my eyes closed as I enjoyed the pleasure. I felt the pain and pleasure of puncturing in my neck. I pushed her off of me. My hand reached my neck and pulled it back to see blood on my hand. I stood up as she laughed. It wasn't a cutesy laugh, it was an evil laugh, a psyco laugh of enjoyment. "What's wrong lover boy" her words purred again. "Did you not enjoy yourself?" "What are you?" I asked her still holding my hand to my neck to stop the bleeding. She shifted on the bed, crossing her slender legs and moving her hair off her shoulder. She like her lips to taste the left over of my blood, then giving me a smirk before getting up from the bed. "Your worst nightmare" her hand glide across the front of my chest and whispered in my ear before placing her hands on my shoulders. I pushed her away and head for the door, but before I could, I was knocked off my feet. I started to crawl but hearing her laughter behind me, I felt hands grab my ankles as my nails scrapped the floor. I kicked to get out of her grip which was a success. I hurried to scramble on my feet and ran for my life. I went the way she took me, pushing through people. I made it outside of the club. I looked both sides of me and sprinted into a run on my right. I took my phone out to call one of my hyungs but none of them were answering. I wasn't sure of where I was going but I ended on a dead end. "Poor little lover boy. Its sad how you will die like this. Theres no one for you to call for help. Sorry that I won't be much help but your blood is worth the kill." Licking her lips again. In a blink of an eye, she was infront of me with a grasp of my neck. Choking me to my death. "It was fun while it lasted, don't miss me too much now." She drew her head back with mouth wide open and sank her fangs into my neck. Once she drained the last ounce if my blood. I dropped down to the ground with my eyes half shut. I died with the sight of my beautiful killer.

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Hi guys my name is Jarvia. I'm shy but also I'm outgoing once I warm up to pplz. I love writing, reading, music, and tattoos.
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